MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) – Three Southern California men have been charged with raping a woman at the posh Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach.

Paul Thorington, 22, Anthony Albano, 23, and Ray Laranjo, 23, are accused of taking turns sexually assaulting the woman.

According to police, the men met the woman at a pool party held at the Shelborne Hotel Wednesday afternoon. The victim agreed to go to the room where the men were staying so she could drop off her purse.

There, the victim told police, the three men held her down on the bed while each having sex with her.

Police add that while the victim was trying to defend herself, she bit one of her attackers.

The Fountainebleau issue a statement saying “The safety and security of any guest visiting the Fountainebleau is the number one priority of hotel security. Fountainebleau is fully cooperating with Miami Beach Police on the incident, but cannot comment on the case as it is an ongoing investigation.”

A spokesperson for the Shelborne would not comment on the case, but did talk about security at the hotel, which is holding numerous poolside events and playing host to hundreds of guests.

“We are very tough on security, we are careful with our guests, especially our females guests. This kind of situation we hope would never happen at the Shelborne,” said Dennis Wheeler, spokesperson for the hotel.

Anyone with more information on this case is asked to call Miami-Dade Crimestoppers at (305) 471-TIPS.

Comments (85)
  1. Michael says:

    girl you are a trip lol

  2. Ladania says:

    This is just so sickening! I hope this young woman gets justice.

  3. carmen says:

    I think Thorington is a Caucazoid. So, two Hispanics and one Caucazoid.

  4. gladiatorgal says:

    Who the hell is going to go to a room where a group of men, not one, are renting a room?!?!?!!! Come on lady please!! Tell that story to your mama. Unless, you are really really stupid and gullable. Even then I would think common sense would kick in. Yes what they did was wrong and they need to pay for it, but if you’re at a party someone had to see you agree to go to their room, or did they put a gun to your head?????

    1. SoreEyes says:

      Let me guess, you voted for McCain.

    2. dd says:

      WOW you’re stupid.

      First you assume all men are rapists and so being in a room with any man=rape.

      2nd, you assume being near someone means you’re inviting rape (just like those muslim extremists who blame rape victims in burkas for “enticing” the men)

      3rd of all, I guess that means if you ever walk walk outside of your home, you can expect to get murdered by a random hoodlum after all that’s a “fair expectation”.

    3. Take it or leave it says:

      Even the friends of the rapists are acting like gang bangers( blogging gang bangers that is) . They visit every website this story appears on then they gang up on the victim, post multiple times and bash the rape victim on the blogs.

      Wow , what a disgusting group of people you are. I hope your 3 friends go to jail for 20 years.

      1. SBC says:

        Thats because they have already proved to all of us that they are innocent. All 3 passing polygraph tests is! Its pretty hard for 3 people to deceive a polygraph. I say we give the girl one….then we will see who is lying.

  5. MiamiMex says:

    What were the rapists in town for?

    1. MBindie says:

      supposedly they were here for a music festival


    2. Ladania says:

      Spring Break most likely.

  6. Indi says:

    sooo going to a hotel room alone to drop a purse. Cmon I dont believe for a second she is so naive or saint to believe it was a good idea. Every woman knows what dropping a purse means. That is the lamest excuse ever.
    Just because you didnt get paid or u didnt like it u called the police??

  7. mimi says:

    I agree with Indi and gladiatorgal, c,mon are you stupid girl? she is lucky to be alive being that stupid

    1. darren4747 says:

      this sounds like the mentality of a rapist

  8. SH says:

    Thorington doesn’t sound very Hispanic to me. For that matter, Albano sounds Italian (remember the old WWF days – Capt Lou Albano wrestler)?

    Quit with the stupid stereotypes!

    1. cz4ever says:

      I agree that she should have used a little more common sense in this matter, but it seems common sense isn’t very common any more. However, that does not excuse the guys for what they did. From what was reported thus far, it appears they had this planned from the start. Here we have a bunch of guys away from home thinking they can just raise hell, then go back home like nothing happened. I hope they find a boyfriend in jail that treats them the same way. This is not a muslim society that does not hold the male responsible for his actions. Also, I wish whoever wrote this report would learn proper grammar.

    2. she says:

      they are not hispanic you idiot, I sure hope that the jurors for those young men are not like you.

  9. SH says:

    And besides that – and ladies I’m not bashing your independence because I’m a single guy and benefit from your sexual freedom – please excercise a little common sense. Going to a room with 3 guys you just met, all of y’all maybe drunk or something that’s asking for trouble. What I’m getting at is has anyone looked at the guys point of view? How many women cry rape to get some financial benefit and then the truth comes out? Heck there was the recent case of a NUN in NYC doing that.

    Ladies: I understand rape is a crime and sometimes y’all are assaulted but before some people get lynched all facts should be gathered.

    1. cuban and proud says:

      lol i agree i feel bad for her but didn’t her mother give her any type of common sense and for M.E you must be a red neck

    2. dd says:

      facts ARE gathered. they’ve been convicted. So how about stop blaming the victims? if 3 men being together=rapists then cops should get to start arresting all crowds of men. *ROLLS EYES* typical uneducated moron’s response to sex crimes.

    3. Howgiff says:

      spoken like a true rapist

      no wonder you are single. it’s best you stay that way.

  10. vic says:

    what is wrong with you peope does it matter what color the rapist were??? the act is still the same no.

  11. Ladania says:

    I just love it how people blame the victim. I don’t care if she went up there buck naked with a sign on her back that said DO ME, if she said no then guess what that means NO! Plain and simple, I want to see how laidback you all are god forbid this ever darkens your doorstep. You don’t think she’s already questioning herself and blaming herself? You have no idea what rape victims go through to try and regain and lead somewhat of a normal life so before you criticize just imagine if it were your loved one.

    1. Tony says:

      Typical womans point of view!!! Common sense.

      1. cc says:

        And you don’t know what it is like to be accused and have your life ruined because of a liar.

    2. TSR says:

      she is not a victim because she obviously gave consent… i personally know anthony very well and KNOW he would never do something this stupid. hes a good guy and does not deserve this!

      1. TMR says:

        I agree!! People are liars and will do whatever it takes to become a victim in some cases!!

      2. darren4747 says:

        To TSR
        What is yoru proof that she is lying?

        Because there si plenty of proof (DNA, witnesses) that she is telling the truth,

    3. tm says:

      I am a female but highly agree with Tony

  12. vic says:

    sure it’s stupid to go to a room with 3 guys the thing is sometimes we do stupid things and it doesn’t mean we have to be punished fo it

  13. cuban and proud says:


  14. LUIS says:

    this (3) punks, if they came to Miami for vacations, now they going to spend a long one ….IN JAIL .!!!!!!

  15. ERica says:

    As a woman I would never leave with 3 men alone to a hotel room that is just stupid ! And to just put down your purse? Please there were other motives there ! She obviously was water along with them and when she came to she realized what she was doing … Instead of taking the Blame for her actions she calls rape . It’s sad because there are women who go through this terrible thing and girls who call rape and are lying about makes it harder to believe the next girl what is this world coming to . I hope she wakes up and realizes she is ruining lives here .

    1. tm says:

      Highly Agree!

    2. It's me again says:

      The biggest misjudgement/ mistake/stupidity of all is committing aggravated sexual assault to another human being.

      Obviously, the victim is not lying, she isn’t looking for money, she has not given any interviews. She is staying out of sight because she is traumitized.

      So please stop embarrassing the human race by dumping on this poor victim.

  16. Ohmyohmy says:

    The girl… No common sense… Put a purse down yeah right! There were other reasons as to why she “went” along with the three men. No excuse for the men doing anything against a persons will. They all went up to the room for a gang bang and she ended up not liking it… Too much attention? Too rough? And too much alcohol??? There are facts that have not been released yet… Truth will surface!

  17. mo says:

    I know all three if these guys, I’ve never known them in this way at all.. Unfortunately this is just a really bad circumstance. Its really sad no matter which way you look at it, whether it’s for the “victim” or the families of the accused. I’m just saying, all of these guys really are good guys and I don’t know what happened, I’m just sad for the situation in general, and I hope everything can get figured out..

  18. jaleesia says:

    i believe she went up to the hotel room to have sex with one of the guys and all of them tag team her thats what i believe because the story with the purse sounds stupid you leave your friends to go with three guys you dont know to put up a dam purse makes no sense to me

  19. Laura says:

    These guys are friends of my daughter. They would never do what they are being accused of. Please refrain from your untrue comments. They deserve their day in court.

    1. tsr says:

      this is true. i feel so bad for them.

  20. Jayjay says:

    First off for all the racist people out there, all 3 of the guys were white, not Hispanic. Second, no girl leaves her friends to walks to another hotel with 3 random guys to drop off her purse. What I think actually happened was that we wanted to have sexual intercourse with the guys but changed her mind a bit too late. Everyone was drunk and took it a bit too far. She leaves and calls it rape. There is much more to this story than what has been released to the press.

    1. tsr says:

      thank you!!

  21. TSR says:

    i believe they are being wrongly accused… these guys are good friends of mine and i know they would not “brutally rape” any human being on this planet. i think this girl was drunk and DTF and halfway through changed her mind and flipped the whole script on them. she had been partying all day with her purse anyway and for some weird reason wants to bring it back to some random guys room??? it just doesnt add up… they are good guys and if you knew them you would say the same! I PRAY THEY ARE SET FREE SOON.. LOVE YOU GUYS!

    1. read it and weep says:

      You seem to question the rape victim a lot. Well, I have a better question, one for the rapist:

      Why would a man who causes a car accident that kills his best friend then fly to Miami Beach to party his ass off a mere 8 weeks after the car accident? Doesn’t sound like a person with morals or integrity would forget so quickly about his pal who was dead in the seat next to him. How did this friend of yoru who you claim is a “great guy” overcame that tragedy so quickly to be in the mood to want to party his ass off right away.

      I guess that would be the same coward who rapes woman , especially the young vulnerable ones who had a little too much to drink. He targeteda tipsy woman whose judgement was cloudy and whose ability to resist was hampered by alcahol.

      1. I Love Anthony says:

        I’m going to say this as nice as I can. You obviously have some mental issues and need to go back on your meds, Anthony was the designated driver on New Years Eve in the early morning more than 12 WEEKS AGO. He was driving home 3 of his good friends who were all HIGHLY INTOXICATED AND UNABLE TO DRIVE. He was making a left turn and a speeding cop without lights on came out of no where and spun the car out of control. The passenger was not injured, one person in the back seat was just sore but unfortunately one was injured with a broken neck. If he was drunk and killed someone he would have been in jail because how would he be able to get out of that situation with a cop? And if it was his fault the police station would have been on him. So that’s the CORRECT story of the famous Anthony accident and everyone is thankful no one got killed. If I were getting BRUTALLY raped by three men I would have been fighting for my life screaming banging the wall behind me anything to get help I don’t care how drunk you are. The the “victim’ had time to gather all her stuff and run out of the room. If she was dead weight drunk she wouldn’t have managed to do that let alone being BRUTALLY raped by three men would be extremely traumatizing and as a women there is no way in hell I would talk to the media THE NEXT DAY! No where in news articles does it say she was drunk. I just think it’s a little strange how ALL THE SUDDEN blogs are being posted defending the victim all in the past couple of days. If she was BRUTALLY raped why haven’t charges been pressed? Since you seem to know the “victim” so well.

        Oh ya have you heard they all passed a polygraph tests 🙂

      2. TRS says:

        Yeah how dare you bring his accident into this. First of all it’s irrelevant. If anything, it proves his good character and morals being the designated driver on New Years eve and driving 3 of his good girl friends home. I personally know everyone that was involved and they don’t blame him one bit. Second, no one was killed. I don’t know who you think you are saying things like that. He was doing a good thing and unfortunately it ended up how it did.

        Sounds to me like you are the “victim” or one of her friends. It’s sad you have to stoop that low because things are obviously not going your way. If there is so much proof and evidence that she was brutally raped, why haven’t charges been filed? All of these new blogs appeared on the same night, only minutes apart from each other. Seems like a desperate attempt to get attention, but guess what, its too late.

      3. Captain Lou says:

        I hope this criminology student isn’t planning on going into law enforcement because they don’t hire psych patients.

  22. Christine says:


  23. PI says:

    laranjo is Portuguese ignorant beings

  24. djnkjfg says:

    I cant believe this, I know paul and I know for a fact he would neverrr everrr do anything like this..none of them would. This chicks story doesnt even make sense, going to a different hotel blocks away to leave ur purse with someone you dont even know. Really who the hell does that?! And if a girl was really truly raped she wouldnt tell the whole world about it, you feel dirty and ashamed and you dont want anyone to know but here she is doing interviews for everyone to see. They should check the surveillance cameras from the hotel to see what was really up… like as they were walking to the room to see if that chick even had a purse or how she was coming onto all of them. They are innocent!

  25. torrance mom says:

    I just wonder why she went to the press? Just remember the Duke Lacrosse team…they lost everything and then it was found that the girl lied about it all.. .benefit of the doubt until the situation has been fully investigated…

  26. SSP says:

    i went to middle school, and high school with them. this is such bull. this girl is just a sloppy drunk that was simply dtf and regret it last minute. these are good guys and wouldnt do anything this horrible.. STAY STRONG GUYS. the truth always comes out one way or another.

  27. Maria Ceja-Garzon says:

    stay strong guys you are a long way from home i know the law will work your way god bless you all we will be praying for you………

  28. kelly says:

    I am a mother of 2 daughters. My oldest daughter is 23 and she is friends with these 3 young men. I have known Paul & his family since kindergarten and Ray & his family since middle school, my daughter has also been good friends with Anthony since middle school. These boys are not saints by any means but they are nice boys brought up by good families. I have trusted my daughter with them many times and still would. I believe that there is 2 sides to every story but if you listen to the girls story and don’t judge then you to will see that there are holes in the story. Why would she go 26 blocks (that is VERY far) to put her purse ( and her friends) with total strangers. What if she couldnt find them later? Where was her hotel? I would think that more then likely it would be closer or the same distance then 26 blocks. Why would her friends let her go off with 3 strangers? My daughter is always in the buddy system when they are in a crowd like that. After being brutally raped by 3 young strong guys why would she “gather all her belongings? Why not just rush out? I would be afraid they would start again. I would just want to get the hell out. Why if you were brutally raped would you be talking on the news 1 1/2 days later. She sounded like she was having a conversation with her friends not reliving a terrible attack. At least she is home with her friends and family, the boys cant even go home. Set bail, let them go home to fight these allegations. Their parents will make sure they show up in court. I know 1st hand that the police and the cops lie and only report what makes it sound interesting but they will not tell you the whole story. They will not report if the boys are found not guilty. It would not be news worthy. But remember they will have to live with it from now on. I hope the girl can live with that. One last thing to think about, why did the news stop reporting that she walked 26 blocks to their hotel to put her purse down? Because it sounds so dumb. What now? Did they drag her 26 blocks to rape her?

    1. SPaj says:

      I totally agree 110%.. for her to walk 26blocks. Why didn’t she turn around and change her mind after the 5th block, or even the 10th block. She was drunk. Went into this wanting sex. And needs some serious attention. I pray these guys prove they are innocent and this girl lives with this on her conscience for ever. Good luck guys.

  29. lcj says:

    WELL SAID!! I agree 100 percent!!!!!

  30. DH says:

    I have known Ray and his family for about 8 years and I truley believe in my heart him and the other boys are completely innocent. And does it really matter what race anyone is?
    My heart goes out to all families

  31. Anna Aparicio says:

    Ray would never, ever commit a crime like this or any crime. He comes from a good family. A dad, mom, sister and fantastic grandparents. I have known him since he was 3 years old. As an adult he has always shown respect, consideration & compassion for all. His parents did NOT raise a rapist. I feel sorry for that girl…..but she is not telling the truth. I pray for you Ray and for your friends.

  32. Visitor says:

    You are a moron…
    Albano IS italian.
    Thorington is also definately NOT a hispanic name.
    Save your racism for when you reach St. Peter at the gate.

  33. Truth says:

    More info is about to be released by the police, so here is some of it. She has severe brusing on her arms and legs proving she was held down forceably !!! She bit one of the attackers, while trying to get away, the evidence is very clear. The witnesses of her running from the room with clothes in hand screaming have given dispostions to that effect. THEY ARE DONE !!! Your sweet little “do no harm” young “boys” are going to be convicted of forceable gang rape and will be sentenced to the MAX, just watch and see !!!!!!

    1. TSR says:

      our INNOCENT friends WILL BE set free… the truth will surface soon!! wait and see =)

      FREE ANTHONY PAUL AND RAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. mcenroe says:

      YES! speak it brother!

    3. Southbaygirl says:

      Free Paul and Anthony and Ray!! These boys are innocent! I’ve known them since I was like 10!!! They would never have to force a girl to have sex with them. Were all here with your back boys! ❤ praying for u guys and ur fam. Get home safe

    4. getoverit. says:

      are you seriously going website to website writing the SAME exact paragraph?! You have NO facts & if you think this is helping the victim it is not.

    5. GuinnessG says:

      Truth in Lies! Aren’t you called Code1 when commenting with the exact same supposed “info” while commenting on the same story from a different media outlet.

    6. Cyn says:

      So she bit someone…ok so what does that mean I can bite someone too and say they raped me and what thats enough proof? And the bruising isn’t hard either just start hitting yourself in the legs and arms and you have bruising. She got into a situation and was embarrassed about it or maybe even was on drugs who knows that is not enough evidence to ruin someones life

  34. tm says:

    Besides the dumb ignorant move she pulled by going to a hotel room with three men she didn’t know; Do you honestly think if these men really raped her they would have raped her in their hotel room and stayed there even after the alleged incident? Also correct me if I am wrong this girl is studying criminology you would think given the situation she would be a little brighter then to go to a hotel room with three men she does not know, 20 blocks away by herself to drop off her purse? really? I don’t think so!

  35. tm says:

    Can we say IGNORANT?

  36. tm says:

    Also I wonder why she didn’t go to her own hotel room to drop off her purse? Why go with three guys she did not know? NOTHING ABOUT THIS STORY MAKES SENSE! This is a sick malicious female who is seeking attention!

  37. dee says:

    Funny thing is I actually know two of these boys.. and I don’t believe this for a second. I have known them for almost 6 years and I am a girl as well, they have never once not treated me with respect. Always have been good friends to me.

  38. truth says:

    Just like everyone has been saying….the truth IS going to come out. and it is going to prove that these guys are innocent.

    1. christine says:

      Just like you said they are innocent!!!!!!!!

    2. GuinnessG says:

      Which is it they’re innocent or what you posted eariler which you can see below.


      More info is about to be released by the police, so here is some of it. She has severe brusing on her arms and legs proving she was held down forceably !!! She bit one of the attackers, while trying to get away, the evidence is very clear. The witnesses of her running from the room with clothes in hand screaming have given dispostions to that effect. THEY ARE DONE !!! Your sweet little “do no harm” young “boys” are going to be convicted of forceable gang rape and will be sentenced to the MAX, just watch and see !!!!!!

  39. mommiebon1 says:

    Anthony is like son to me…….. he would never ever do such a thing!!!!!! This is such BS !!!!!! Being a victium of rape by an intruder at knife point in my own home at age 21…….I have to say that this totally infuriates me……. these types of girls or women are the ones that have ruined it for actual legit cases of assault!!!!!!!! I am totally confident that once all the facts come out these guys will be set free however the damage that has been caused by this girl is sick…… their parents and families are suffering I just hope and pray that GoD will keep them safe while they are fighting the fight of their lives.,,,, love you Anthony

  40. emh says:

    I have known these boys for 8 years. Not once have they been forceful towards me in any way. My mother has trusted an will still trust them . They have been nothing but respectful to my family . They used to come pick up my little brother to work out with them , I loved it because they taught him good values … Like not to do drugs and be respectful to ladies and things like that .. My brother is very grateful for them . I can not believe this is happening to such amazing characters. I’m not saying they are saints but there is no way they did this! I trust them with my life and have for years. I hope when I have kids they have some of the morals that these guys have .. They have always put a smile on my face and picked me up when I was down. Now it’s my turn to be here for you Paul and Anthony ! Thank you for being such amazing human beings and great friends. I wish everyone knew what kind of gentlemen you are instead of just hearing these awful lies . My heart goes out to their families because they have raised great young men and don’t deserve to be put through this. The love and support that has been felt here in California for these men is amazing. We are all here waiting for you boys to come home ❤ not a moment goes by that I dont think of these guys and when I will be graced with their smiles once more

  41. bw says:

    This story is sad. My intuition and heart tells me that these boys are innocent. I dated anthony for quite some time and during the duration of our relationship he never was an angry, violent or sexual person. Anthony was raised by one of the most supportive and loving families I have ever had the privilege of being in. Anthony has a fantastic mother, a beautiful sister, and female cousins in which they are all best friends and have raised anthony to respect women and protect them. I’m not here to say what might have happened or create accusations but I am here to say this is completely out of character and anthony would be the LAST person I would EVER expect to ever hurt or rape someone. I pray that the truth will unfold and from their Anthonys life will go back on the wonderful path he was on and it can make him a stronger person. I want his family to know that I support them and they are in my prayers as no one would ever deserve this. You guys raised an amazing respectful man, in fact the most respectful man I have ever dated and I hope he is home soon.

    1. CWC says:

      Anthony, I know it is really you posting all these blogs. please stop it., It is pathetic.

      1. Anthony from California says:

        Hi, its me, Anthony.

        Yes, I am sitting in my home under house arrest and I am blogging my ass off pretending to be ex-girlfriends and old friends.

        But it wasnt me, it was the other two guys. Wait and you will see.

      2. hmmm says:

        really kinda funny how CWC comment and the one below “Hi, its me.Anthony” were posted on the 5th and it was only 930 in california on the 4th of May. They must be from back EAST!

      3. SBC says:

        HAHAHA that is the funniest thing I have heard in a while!! Too bad most of these blogs were posted while he was in jail…..but yeah it was Anthony since all of the inmates had access to computes and the internet…PATHETIC!!!!

  42. Cheila says:

    No matter how stupid or ill advised–a young person going to a hotel room to drop off a purse neither equates to nor is cause OR excuse for SEXUAL ASSAULT/forcible rape. And why is the young lady the only one being called out for her stupidity?? Why would three–count ’em THREE–young men of legal age put themselves in this very position, taking a woman they DON’T KNOW into their hotel room, presenting the opportunity for theft, to be drugged, OR these very accusations??? Or s it only women who can be accused of being stupid/placing themselves in bad positions/”ASKING FOR IT”…??? We could, after all, argue these fellas ‘asked’ for this trouble that’s now visited upon them, dolts that they are.

    It will be interesting to see how this one plays out. I certainly remember the screaming defenders of one Ted Bundy–how much his longtime friends, coworkers, and fellow lawschool classmates also ‘loved’, ‘trusted’, and ‘admired’ him. Yes, indeed–Teddy turned out to be a REAL charmer.

    1. SBC says:

      They all passed polygraph tests, no girl got raped or sexually assaulted so lets just stop with this nonsense and look at who the real victims are here. My guess would be the 3 boys and their families that are forced into spending thousands of dollars defending their innocent sons.

  43. Captain Lou says:

    Interesting how the rape victim told the Police she only had two drinks and wasn’t intoxicated and now she claims she was too intoxicated to resist. Once a liar always a liar!

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