MIAMI (CBS4) – Just when you think you know all the tricks of saving money at the grocery store, one woman has found a way to make a day’s worth of meals for less than ten dollars.

“If we can save a few dollars a week, why wouldn’t you take that up,” said Jenny Patrizia, author of Big Taste Little Money. She highlights what to do differently in the aisles of your local grocery store.

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“Use your own eyes to take time to look at ingredients and a price comparison,” said Patrizia.

Among her ideas, she wants people to re-use their food like left over sauces and marinades

“You pour it in the ice tray and save those ice cubes into a freezer bags for next time you need sauce,” said Patrizia to CBS4’s Jorge Estevez at the Publix in Doral.

Patrizia also wants people to re-purpose their food – like grinding up oatmeal to replace expensive bread crumbs. Also, watch for recipe’s that require expensive rare ingredients like orange peel

“It is the same as using orange juice, so put a tablespoon of orange juice instead 5 bucks [ in spices] right there, said Patrizia.

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The trick to soften tougher less expensive meats like a London Broil is to add pineapple juice.

“It is going to make it softer. It is going to be equally as good as the filet mignon,” said Patrizia.

Also size matters. Patrizia said people should consider buying large quantities in order to save money in the long run. Another good thing to avoid is waste. The number one thing families throw away is vegetables, so Patrizia recommends you buy then frozen.

“You going to be saving money because you are only able to use the portions you are going to use that week and freeze the rest,” said Patrizia.

Also, remember that people pay for convenience. So plan on spending less on a whole onion then, for example, buying the already chopped container in the produce aisle.

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The goal here cheaper meals for your family.