WASHINGTON (CBS4) – Just weeks after Florida Governor Rick Scott turned down $2.4 billion and thousands of jobs from the federal government, the Obama Administration has reluctantly made the money available for other high-speed rail projects across the country.

Scott refused the money for claims that the state would have been on the hook for the money, which was flatly denied by U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. Scott also said it would cost the state too much to build and run the train, even though private businesses were willing to cover the costs.

“States across the country have been banging down our door for the opportunity to receive additional high-speed rail dollars and to deliver all of its economic benefits to their citizens,” Secretary LaHood said.

Florida lost potentially thousands of jobs when Scott turned down the money, even though the Florida Legislature had approved the project in a special session.

LaHood said that all of the businesses vying to build high-speed rail lines in the United States have agreed to employ only American workers and locate or expand their base of operations in the U.S. if they are selected for high-speed rail contracts.

Comments (8)
  1. Elie Mehu says:

    Election matteres and has consequences. The people of Florida had a clear choice between a decent democrat and a republican who had demonstrated how loose he can play with peoples’money, they selected the latter. I do want to hear their complaint. Too bad let another state reap the benefits that derive from such great investment into the high-speed rail system.

  2. Al Merrill says:

    That is 2 Governors who have gone totally against the vote of the people and turned down a rail system in Florida. Looks more like a dictatorship every day!!!!!!!!

    1. RickScottWillSaveFlorida says:

      What people? The people voted for Walker, Christie and Rick Scott. Freaking LIberal!!

  3. Butch says:

    Florida voters and characters like Rick Scott and David Rivera deserve each other. When you willingly give power to crooks you deserve whatever happens to you.

  4. goober says:

    Scott’s a moron!

  5. david wood says:

    Scott SUCKS–looks like it’s gonna be 1 term for this douchebag

  6. Bob says:

    Scott barley won and Florida Is such a diverse state. So Scott isn’t listening to the citizens or politicians or the public companies that did want the high speed rail. He only listened to what would get him votes that was a political move for Scott not a move for Floridias future.

  7. MiamiMex says:

    I am nOt standing up for Scott, but the fed $ was only starter money. FL taxpayers were on the hook for the rest.

    Did you want to chip in for the other millions?

    I didn’t.


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