LAUDERHILL (CBS4) – A tragic accident in Lauderhill left a 5-year-old child dead Friday afternoon.

The driver of a van hit the child, Joshua Richardson, as the child rode on his bike on NW 58 Terrace near NW 20 Street.

After the impact, the boy and his bike were dragged several feet down the street as the child was stuck underneath a tire.

The boy’s mother, Jennifer Richardson, was beside herself with grief.

“You don’t want to lose a child,” Richardson said. “Joshua was my baby.”

Lauderhill Police said the driver of the van, who was not identified, had just finished doing remodeling work on a home in the neighborhood and was driving away.

“He thought he hit a rock and saw someone waving over to him,” Lauderhill Police Captain Rick Rocco said. “He got out and saw what was happening.”

Someone called 911 and paramedics tried to save Joshua. They airlifted him to Broward General Medical Center, but the child did not survive.

Police said the van driver was devastated.

“He’s holding it together; but he’s obviously very concerned about the child’s welfare,” Captain Rocco said.

Investigators believe Joshua rode his bike into the street. They said charges do not seem likely against the van driver but they are still looking into the accident.

“At this point, I don’t see anything that would lead us to charge anybody but it’s still pretty early in the investigation,” Captain Rocco said.

By nightfall, Richardson was surrounded by family members and friends as she tried to make sense of the tragedy. She remembered the outfit her son got dressed in on Friday morning.

“He had on all white,” she said. “He’s in heaven now. God received him. That’s all we can do. We can’t bring him back.”

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  1. Louis says:

    God bless Joshua, his Mom Jennifer and the entire family. My heart goes out to all of you ….

  2. Tracey Austin says:

    I knew the family personally. We attend the same church. He was a great kid. Keep this family in prayer.

  3. Just a a pist off Driver says:

    Drivers who don’t obey driving laws must be penalized severely People (drivers) do not respect a crosswalk… during a red light they are all over it and with not place for people to cross… even the police does it… I have a child the same age as Joshua RIP… I can’t not imigine the pain that his mother is going thru. I bet if we enforce the driving laws within city limits in a couple of years we could fix the defecit… If I was the Mayor for one week I will make sure that no driver can stop on a crosswalk… it is meant to be use for people . People crossing the street in the midle of the road and when drivers got the right away should also get a hefty penalty… bikes who think that the driving laws does not apply to them like riding thru red lights or not stoping a stop signs… should also get punish… Trucks who drive on the left side of the road for no reason should get the license suspended… they know better… they have a huge blind spot on their right side… so for them to drive on the left its a mistery to me… unles you need to turn right and need to do a wide turn a truck should never drive on the left side. Speeders within city limits where speed is between 15, 30, 40 mh should get arrested… I love driving fast… but in the city we should be responsible for people who do not drive. Drive fast in the interstate and speed should be increase in major HWYS…. driving on the left side on the xpressway at a lower speed than the driver on your right and not moving to the right should be a violation… there are a..holes who get on the left side and drive at lower speed and on their cell talking or testing without shame or care… that is plain sypidity…. State of Fl can make so much money out of this… and perhaps one day we floridians can learn to drive the right way

    1. Carol says:

      You took so many words out of my mouth I can’t really say but Thank You so very much.

  4. concerned says:

    I don’t know what article you were reading but it sure wasn’t this one. This is going out to the”PIST OFF DRIVER.”
    No where in this read did it say at an intersection or crosswalk. It doesn’t look to me like it was a driver’s error. My question is Where was the Mother or guardian?
    Why was a 5 year old riding a bike in the road? So even with all of your ranting I don’t see where this driver is at fault. Put the blame where it belongs, I’m just saying……….

    1. Carol says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth this was a baby riding his bike in the street that is not what should happen at all.

      These “mothers” in my book just seems they don’t understand these are babies they should be out there watching their every move because they are way to young to be alone anywhere even a park or anywhere else and that is a fact.

      Not only is this child gone to otherside of curtain what about the driver of the van he will never ever be the same knowing he killed a child and never even knew he was under his truck.

    2. Marie says:

      As the aunt of this 5 year let first clear some things up here the Mother was at her part time job working the child was being watch by Father and other responsible adults so this child was not on his bike just outside riding by himself. Secondly this is a dead end circle where the children play. The Driver was on the wrong side of the road when he struck the child. So before you you point fingers get the facts. The driver was leaving the circle on the left side of the road when he should have been on the right side and struck this kid and then continue to drive for another 50 feet there is no way you would think you struck a rock yet you are pulling something and you continue to drive.

  5. Suzy says:

    I totally agree with “concerned”!!! WHERE was the mother or whoever was supposed to be watching joshua???? You shouldn’t let your 5 year old child outside by himself without you being right there watching him!! I believe that’s totally irresponsible!!!

    1. Carol says:

      I totally agree with you I just have to wonder where these mothers are to allow their babies in the street by themselves.

  6. Fred says:

    @ Pist Off Driver. Look at the pictures of the scene. It’s a residential area, no crosswalks. This is all on the parents, I have a 5 yr old boy and I would not let him out on a bike with out supervision.

    1. Marie says:

      As the Aunt he was supervised this was just going to happen the driver drove on the wrong side of the street and hit him. The adults and everyone was screaming at this driving and he just continue driving because he was not paying attention. Their father was very strict on my nephews and he would never allow them to play unsupervised

  7. tony says:

    take it further why should anyone ever be in the streets. I am so sick and tired of seeing people selling news papers and begging for money at intersections. I feel for the kid and the mom. However cars and people don’t mix. cars and people don;t mix. cars and people don’t mix.

  8. 4commonsense says:

    The bike was high enough so that if you WATCHED where you are going the driver should seen the child. I’m sorry but at the very least The driver should be fined. The is just a poor excuse for the driver to claim he thought he hit a rock. If the Damn driver didn’t know what the hell he hit then he was either going too fast or not paying attention. Another poor decision by the police. We all drive and I’ve driven vans and trucks much higher and larger than this van and THE ONLY REASON YOU WOULD NOT SEE THE CHILD IS IF THE DRIVER WAS NOT PAYING ATTENTION (ON CELL PHONE, CHANGING RADIO STATIONS, ETC) OR GOING TO FAST. Do your job and use common sense. I can understand if the child rode the bike into the oncoming van but the driver didn’t even know what he hit. What does that tell you? OFFICERS I RESPECT YOU GUYS BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD……FINE THE DRIVER!!!

    The mother of the child should NEVER let her child out of her sight. We have children and we NEVER leave them alone especially outside. Though I feel bad for the mother….a part me begs the questions what do you expect when she as a parent does not do her part to supervise properly.

  9. Carol says:

    I am sorry the only person to be blamed here is the mother because you don’t allow your five (5) year old baby alone EVER especially in the street.

    He probably rode his bike in the street and never saw the van because he didn’t know better to look because as I said before he is a BABY.

    The driver is not at fault but can you even imagine how he must be feeling finding out there was a baby under his truck? He will never ever feel the same if or when he drives again.


    1. aaron richardson says:

      Carol, who are you, really?

      Where are you getting your information from? Who is your source?
      Were you at the scene when this happened?
      Your comments are very mislaeding and troublesome. It appears your sole intent is to inflict more pain on this hurting family.

      You say “MAY GOD GIVE ALL THE PEOPLE INVOLVED IN THIS ACCIDENT THE STRENGTH…” , Give me a break, you are wicked, and you dont know God. Nowhere in the bible have i read where Jesus spew such venom at innocent people already suffering. To compound the matter your accusations directed at this mother are totally false. Once again, were you at the scene when this man sped out of the driveway and killed this child?

      Aaron Richardson

  10. Max Duplessy says:

    Folks come on did you guys really understood the article or watch the news clip? Everybody say they would’ve done this or that but do realize kids will always be kids. People on her make it seem like they are always with their kids all day long. For God sakes the boy was playing certain comments should be kept to self. The article did say the mother was at work. It’s time for us to stop being the judge and jury for things that we don’t really know the facts to. The Richardson’s are a close family to us it’s a time and place for everything now is not the time nor place. What if it was a member of your family would the opions still remain the same? It was a little boy…

  11. Max Duplessy says: