MIAMI BEACH (CBS4)- An advocacy and homeownership organization made a permanent move to South Florida by opening a new office in North Miami on Tuesday.

The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) office will be able to assist homeowners on an ongoing basis at 662 NE 125th Street. NACA Founder and CEO Bruce Marks, along with North Miami Mayor Andre D. Pierre, were in attendance at a ribbon cutting ceremony at the new location at 12 p.m.

Home buyers will have a chance to purchase their dream home without worrying if they can afford it, Marks said. NACA counsels people into responsible homeownership and work to make sure consumers can afford the mortgage provided.

Robert Mulholand applied for a home loan with NACA.

“You also don’t pay any mortgage insurance and you also don’t have to pay any closing costs when you do your purchase, which we found could be anywhere from six to 10 percent of the cost of the home,” he said.

Last week the organization held a four-day Save The Dream Tour at the Miami Beach Convention Center to assist homeowners with their mortgage modification needs. When the Save The Dream Tour came to Miami Beach last year, their experts were able to help about 15,000 people get mortgage modifications.

NACA’s mortgage is a 30-year fixed mortgage with no down payment, no closing costs, no points or fees, the organization said.

North Miami is proud to be the newest home for NACA, an organization that has truly saved the dream of homeownership for tens of thousands of people across the nation, Mayor Pierre said.

“We realized that NACA needs a presence here in South Florida,” Pierre said. “We realized that NACA needs to be here to serve the community that needs the help the most.”

Marks said the organization is also able to assist in other cities in Florida.

“This is the first one in South Florida,” Marks said. “We have two others in Florida. One in Tampa and one in Jacksonville. This is the 40th office around the country.”

The organization is urging residents throughout South Florida to get to know NACA and take advantage of their services.

NACA is a national non-profit community advocacy and HUD certified homeownership organization that has been fighting mortgage scams that decimate families and neighborhoods, according to the organization.

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