BOCA RATON (CBS4) – If you would take a picture of revenge, it might look a lot like the images on

“It started out really as a way to get back at my ex for being a lying, cheating bastard,” said the woman behind the website, who only wants us to call her “Taylor.”

This woman’s scorn has become a viral hit.

“It’s crazy! I never expected anything like this,” she said.

She lives in Boca Raton and, obviously, wants to hide her identity. It at started when a friend caught Taylor’s boyfriend cheating. Taylor kicked him out of the house but kept five years worth of his belongings.

Now, using photos too hot for TV, she’s selling the stuff on eBay and her own website,

“I’ve never done anything like this. I mean, honestly, I’m not a vindictive person by any means, but when you spend five years of your life giving to somebody and giving to somebody, and then they turn around and do that to you, it started out as a way to get back to him.,” said Taylor. “I had a girlfriend of mine share a link to the eBay auction with him, so I made sure he knew what was going on.”

During the CBS4 interview, Taylor was wearing one of the ex-boyfriend’s shirts.

“This is something that I got for him at Urban Outfitters, and its Candy Strippers, so it’s probably going to find its way to eBay this week,” said Taylor.

She calls the photos “liberating” and says the scandalous project is a lot of fun.

Other women have e-mailed her saying, “you go girl!”

When asked if the risque photos bother the ex-boyfriend, Taylor responded, “would that bother you? If the tables were turned, if you were in those shoes? I don’t know, from your perspective, what do you think?”

She has a point.

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  1. Richard says:

    If you can think about it for a minute, well you are being revengeful and; even if you bought it, you gave it to him. Now, that makes it his. If he bought you a ring would you just give it back? I think not. You’re mad. OK. You feel betrayed. OK. You don’t want to live with him any more–that’s fine. Break up. But, you should have ended your relationship in a much more proper way. Kicking out a guy and stealing his stuff — which is what you really did, is wrong. How would you feel being kicked out for any reason? Try getting evicted some time, just for losing your job. That you can make someone homeless, change the locks, seize their property — all unilaterally without any necessity of legal action and; your ex-boyfriend has no legal recourse and; he knows it! — All speaks volumes of how American women can abuse men.

    Technically, you may not be selling stolen property. But, you are showing all men in America, just how unethically and viciously American women can treat a man, without any repercussions and; be cheered on by other American women.

    Perhaps that is why he cheated on you? Perhaps, you weren’t such a good women, even if you are so sexy. And, for all American women watching, and cheering–you included, when you can’t find a man; remember how this man was treated by you and other women, before complaining about not being able to find a man.

    1. Nicole says:

      She’s not complaining about not being able to find a man. Men are easy to find. Ones that aren’t self loathing cheating a-holes are harder to find.

      And by the way, all “the American women” aren’t watching and cheering her on, we’re laughing because it is funny, just like when Elin Nordegren beat the hell out of Tiger — with HIS own club.

    2. old spider says:

      Get lost Richard you jerk. Good on her. She bought it, it was in her house, she can sell it. She is not just being cheered on by American women, but by women all over the world. I hope she makes something back for the 5 years she wasted with this cheating low life she supported.

    3. A Bloke says:

      I agree Richard. “Taylor”, you had the ethical and moral high ground until you started conducting this protracted and drawn out vengeful auction. You lose any respect and sympathy others may have had in your plight.

      Next step down the ladder of ethics.. Time to do some p0rn!

  2. lisa says:

    Actually being a woman I find it hard to understand that she is selling his stuff, and posting nude picture, or nearly nearly nude pictures of herself on eBay, for a measly 30 dollar profit… This person has no respect for herself, and if I was a man I would certainly think more then twice about dating her… I am sure her new fame will lead to offers of playboy spreads and what not. I wonder if her face is even worth photographing… Probably not… What’s that called…butter face?

    1. Nicole says:

      Yeah no she’s total trash, probably a total dog too. butterface indeed

  3. Lisa says:

    Dearest ex boyfriend in question… Can you please retaliate and do a blog called “my ex sold my stuff on eBay” and post all her trashy pictures of your stuff and one picture of her face… No nudity, as we have all seen enough thus far. Just her face and her name… Nothing illegal about that.. Might as well expose her…then I am sure we will all start to understand why you cheated, as if her attitude is not enough. I just think it would be great to show her face since she obviously doesn’t want the public to see it…. Keep us posted… Also is she selling the pictures with the items on eBay… I bet she is…. Expose the butter face…. Team ex boyfriend….

  4. John says:

    Boy what a bunch of whiners. The guy leeches off her for five years and then cheats on her and y’all come down on her. Personally i think the pics are wrong but you girls say her face must be ugly. Give me a break! Y’all just wish you could look as good as she does. I am willing to bet she has a face to go with the body.

    About stealing “his” stuff… check the auctions and you will notice a lot of “his” stuff still has tags where she bought it form him. The loser don’t even work and she bought what she is selling. The stupid ex had a gf who is not only good looking she paid his way. He deserves whatever he gets. But yea the pics are wrong and if i was him they would drive me insane 😦

  5. dearjohn says:

    John if this woman was even mildly intelligent or had even an ounce of integrity she would have found a way to rid her closest of his things. What sort of woman keeps a man around for 5 years when he is unemployed? I will tell you… A woman that can’t get a man with a job. A man that is clearly obsessed with him, and that has to buy him things constantly to keep him coming home. And please remember John, all we are hearing is her side. I am willing to be that this relationship had a whole lot of issues and that it probably should have ended shortly after it began. He cheated…so what, he was not married, he broke no laws. Yeah it sucks but to reach to the bottom of the barrel and put him on blast in the public eye is just shameful. And for the simple fact that she is indeed sending the actual photo’s with the items just proves my point. This woman is single handedly reversing year of work by feminists. I am ashamed for her, and feel like she is an insult to my gender. I know her face that she has been trying so hard to keep hidden will one day be public, and I promise you… She will not be pretty. If she was, she would never had kept this guy around for so long without a job..

  6. dearjohn says:

    sorry I meant to write a woman that is clearly obsessed with him…

  7. nancy says:

    I laugh at everything. I laugh at crazy stuff like Tosh shows on TV. What is wrong with you bitter angry people?? She decided to do sometthing FUNNY do deal with the pain of break-up. Why is eveeryone so serious and vengeful? are you all jealous that she has a hot body or something? Geet a life….laugh once ina awhile….it might make you less bitter….and more funny like this chick. PS: I bet she is not ugly at all. But then I’m sure you bitter mean people will find a way to say she has imperfections… YOU DON”T, and you , of course would RISE ABOVE being cheated on every single time, right?? Yeah, right.

  8. pat says:

    he must have been a total stud to rattle that fembot’s cage so hard that she does to the presses. you’ll never get over him, cupcake.

    you’re not selling HIS stuff, you’re selling stuff you bought for him on loan. you’re selling YOUR stuff.

    i seriously doubt the guy ever existed. you are absolutely a raging narcissist, that’s the only thing known for sure with this ‘story’.

  9. Fred says:

    It is a Shake down and everyone is buying into it…..Hello

  10. Missy says:

    Wow there is a lot of mean people on here!

    “Oh she has to be ugly.” or “She’s clearly a psycho>”

    Instead of selling his stuff would you of rather she took a bat and trashed his car or spray painted it? Or followed him to work and tried to run him off the road? Or put acid in a bottle and then threw it at him?

    She’s just having a little fun people get over it. She’s not hurting anyone.

    1. taylor says:

      look, missy. women don’t get a license to break the law just because someone cheated on her. cheating is not against the law.

      if a man had license to sell a woman’s stuff just because she cheated on him – women would have no stuff left.

      1. Missy says:

        Hey Taylor I get what you’re saying and believe me there was a time when I wanted to kill an ex but like I was saying she’s not hurting anyone she’s just having alittle bit of fun. Is it wrong? Yes but it’s also pretty funny.

  11. taylor says:

    missy, thoughts of wanting to kill someone is a severe sign of mental illness. i have been cheated on by many women in the worst ways, and yet i have never had thoughts of wanting to kill them.

    you have severe mental problems that you should have addressed professionally before entering into any more relationships with men. you are ill. please seek professional help.

  12. Dave says:

    I agree with the against posters.

    Revenge is simple minded and pathetic.

    If you are cool with it, you undoubtedly have shallow and flaky relationships. You are probably cool with it due to being oblivious to it. Its a tribal thing I spose.

    Its malice and reprisal likes this which has turned society into the law bound, contractual mess we are ALL forced to live with daily. A persons word means nothing any more

    Thanks a f’ing lot…

  13. Dearjohn says:

    To all of the people on here saying that her selling pics of her naked body and her ex boyfriends stuff is funny or entertaining and are saying that the right minded people are mean…. Let me tell you, she is begging for the attention, I promise you she is reading all of these posts, if not posting herself. She is a self absorbed ego maniac. And I can honestly say that there. Is not one cel in my body that is jealous of anything she thinks she has. Take a close look at those pictures… Ew… Sloppy, un-fit, silicone implants … Just a sad excuse for a human of my gender… I really hope the ex boyfriend takes a stand either through the media, or via the Internet to expose this nit wit. It is obvious why he cheated on her, and I bet he has a much more respectful girlfriend now, and one that hits the gym every once in a while. This girl is acting like a teenager, although with the amount of cellulite she has she must be in her mid twenties… So pathetic. If you are reading this bitter ex girlfriend, learn from your mistakes… Learn how to keep a man without paying for it, literally. And for the girl who said that she has wanted to kill an ex… GET SOME HELP NOW, PLEASE ADMIT YOURSELF TO A MENTAL INSTITUTION TODAY, or have your mother baker act you… Please before you actually do kill someone, or yourself…

  14. Simon Jenkins says:

    “it was in her house” – the people that actually believe that makes a difference are completely misguided. Possession is not 9/10’s of the law, that’s just a saying folks. She is selling property that doesn’t belong to her full-stop.

    She does have an outstanding rack though – well done on having a fantastic body Taylor, I’d really like to see some more of it (I hope that doesn’t sound creepy).

    : )

  15. phill says:

    Well done you, your story has come to uk and it’s brill

  16. Bibek says:

    You r a smart girl.. Got million dollars publication within a day… Nd became a celebrity… I salute u for yr talent nd creativity

  17. Kyle says:

    First, if she purchased these items, they are hers. He left them behind when she threw him out. Why he cheated on her is between her and him. Maybe the guy is a young stud and she wanted to buy his love, that is choice to make. As long as she is not doing anything illegal, she can do what pleases her. The Ex could have collected his belongings but choose not to. I do believe she is taking it to the extreme, but hell it is funny. I see pics on ebay all the time with hot women hawking merchandise all the time, this is not different. If you find what she does immoral or in bad taste, ignore her. For the men, don’t date her.

    1. Richard says:

      You clearly know nothing of the laws or reality. It would have been more than difficult for him to have gone back to get his stuff. First of all, she probably would have had him arrested for breaking & entering or; stalking or something. Very easy to do. He would have needed a court order and a police escort, for a “clothes order”. Think it’s cheap to go to court? And, the cops won’t comply with a “clothes order” if the woman is nuts. They don’t need negative publicity from a ranting raving woman. She’ll lie & say they fondled her or something.

      There are many factors that we don’t know about this whole story. Heck, you do not even know if he really cheated on her?! Do we? Perhaps, he just wasn’t interested and she was constantly trying to woo him? We have heard only one side of the story.

      This guy, whoever he is, has done the right thing, by not posting her face or retaliating in return. On the surface, he is much more mature and a better person than she is. Just move on. As one other poster said, the clothes are a small price to pay for peace–IF she will leave him and his new gf alone wherever he has gone.

      For the record, I doubt she is ugly or a butterface. She is probably, just embarrassed being risque. She is a coward for sure. That is one definite reason she is not showing her face.

      1. Richard says:

        Well Eduard, you are welcome to post ur email anytime! 🙂 I’ll send u an email. 🙂

        But, I won’t be posting mine anytime soon. I don’t need any bunny boilers or their friends or supporters, flaming me & stuffing my mailbox.

        U could play the game & camouflage ur email like the “nice” Russian ladies do on dating sites. 🙂

        Or, if u r serious, u should check out the “Terms of Service”. There is a contact email. Ask if they will forward a private message to me. This board doesn’t allow for private messages obviously.

  18. juicius says:

    Richard, seriously. You wrote that long about a woman you’ll never meet on a matter that doesn’t concern you? You lonely, lonely man… Anyway, tl;dr

  19. Richard says:

    A pathetic attempt on your part to discredit me & my opinion. What you are doing is 1 of the 13 fallacies of logic. It is called an ad hominem attack. When you have no facts or logic to argue, you attack the person making the argument. It is clear to Taylor & Edward and many others read my posts, that I am writing from harsh experience. This particular woman is of no interest or concern to me. It is the attitude and philosophies that she embodies that matters. It is the society and laws that promotes and abets her wrong and
    unethical behavior that matter. And, it is the cheers from the spectators in the “Collesium” of American society as some guy is fed to the lions that matter.
    It is about time someone spoke up that this is wrong.

  20. Richard says:

    And, with these same attitudes and support for such people, far worse is done.

  21. juicius says:

    You do know you keep digging the hole, right?

  22. Bob says:

    Really? Everyone thinks that this woman actually has an ex-boyfriend, and is selling his stuff?
    C’mon, she has gone out and bought a bunch of clothes, cooked up a nice back story, taken some soft core pictures of herself, and is hawking her wares for profit on e-Bay. There is no boyfriend, no crime, no revenge. Just entrepreneurial spirit.
    Pretty smart I think.

  23. Babot says:

    Quote from her site “At first I told him he could have a friend come over to pick up his stuff (that I bought him). Again, I got a rude text back saying he didn’t want anything from me and said he was over me.”.

    “About a month after our break-up my friend came over to cheer me up with a couple bottles of wine”

    All you people arguing about illegal this and “IT’S NOT HER STUFF”, what else would you say about something that

    1. Someone said they didn’t want.
    2. Sits in your home for over a month and the owner has not attempted to reclaim AFTER declaring they no longer wanted the items.

    Who are you people to argue about something with so trivial and obvious an answer (It’s on her front page ffs). It’s like arguing the world is flat.

  24. Aidan Perry says:

    Hey folks, Will likely be the U.S. a lot greater off keeping Syria’s Assad?

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