BOCA RATON (CBS4) – The Delray Beach Police Department is mourning the loss of one of their own Thursday in a horrible car crash.

Sgt. Adam Rosenthal, a 16-year police veteran, was killed when his cruiser crashed into a tree in West Boca Raton early Thursday morning while he was on his way to work. The crash took place at SW 18th Street and Boca Rio Road around 6:00 a.m. The impact was so severe the cruiser was nearly severed in half.

John Harding, who lives in the neighborhood, said he heard the crash and what got him was there was only that sound; no sounds of squealing tires which meant Rosenthal may not have hit the brakes.

“Ya hear that one solid sound, that was it,” said Harding.  “No tire marks, no noise whatsoever, just the crash, just a boom.”

Rescue crews had to extricate him from the patrol car but despite their best efforts, were unable to save him. He was taken to Delray Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Harding said the curve in the road where the accident took place has been a problem for years.

“This is the third accident this week on this street,” said Harding.  “I’ve been here like three years and this is number 8 on the same area, something has to be done.”

At Delray Beach Police headquarters, friends and co-workers are stunned and devastated.

“Adam also leaves behind a heart-broken family here at the Delray Beach Police Department,” said a very emotional Nicole Guerriero of the Delray Beach Police Department.

Sgt. Rosenthal was a well-known and well-liked officer in the department.

“The phrase the good die young is true this morning,” said Jeff Mess of the Delray Beach Police Department who noted that Rosenthal had received nearly every commendation possible.

Investigators from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office are still trying to figure out what caused the crash.

What has people concerned who live near the crash site, is that this is not the first accident in that exact same spot. “This is the third accident this week on this street.  I’ve been here 3 years this is like number 8 on the same area, something has to be done,” one resident said.

Sgt. Rosenthal was a highly decorated and respected member of the Delray Beach Police Department who was also the lead Rape Aggression Defense instructor, the Lead DT instructor, a high liability instructor, he initiated and ran a youth martial arts program, a 10 year member of SWAT, an 8 year member of the Street Level Narcotics Team, a community patrol supervisor and a long time PBA representative. Through Adam’s 16 year career, he has received in excess of 88 commendations, performance recognitions and letters for the public to commend him for his service and work in the community.

Rosenthal leaves behind a wife and four children.

Donations can be made in support of Adam’s family to:
Delray Citizens for Delray Police
300 W. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach, FL 33444
(Adam Rosenthal’s name in the memo portion of the check)

Comments (51)
  1. mada says:

    to do that much damage to a grown vic….had to be flying!!!

    1. LISA COHEN says:


  2. sgtstumpy says:

    no tears here… police think they’re above the law and speed all over south Florida. I would like to see a few Miami-Dade and Homestead PD units wrapped around some palm trees to get rid of the hypocrites that will write tickets for something they do all the time. Welcome to the police state… papers please….

    1. EL Cubachon says:

      I agree with you 100%.

      1. South Beach Guy says:

        I like the police. I hope the shoot more people like you. Makes the world a bette place. 😀

      2. Carlo says:

        Thats because you are an idiot too El Cubachon

    2. StumpGrinder says:

      Hey, “sgtstumpy” let me be the one to tell you that after reading your incredibly stupid rant, one can only assume with absolute certainty that you are a pathetic excuse of a man who has achieved absolutely nothing in life. You mock the tragic death of a man who has made more contributions to society than you or the likes of you. You are a coward who hides behind the anonymity of a web page but probably cower when confronted. Look around you, do you live with mommy and daddy? who are you and what have you done with your life? You couldnt shine the shoes of the men and women who put on a badge everyday and confront what you hide from. I can only say with everybit of passion I can muster, you are a coward, a sniveling weasel, i can only hope that one day you meet the same fate. You will see thousands come out to honor this hero, unlike yourself whose funeral attendance couldn’t and wouldn’t fill up a phone booth. COWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Meg Kenney Parker says:

    AT sgtstumpy: What is your problem?! How do you know the officer was just speeding? How do you not know that maybe he was going to a call where he had his lights and sirens on? Don’t judge unless you know all the facts!! Also, he could have been going the speed limit, but a sudden stop against a palm tree (which do not give on impact) could do this damage. The speed limit there is 45mph…it is possible to do that kind of damage with a sudden impact.

    1. Nickwad says:

      Meg,the article clearly stated he was on his way to work. And to wrap a Crown Vic around a tree like that takes a high rate of speed. But you know the media and the Delray PD will play this guy up like he was a hero killed in the line of duty. Nope. He was just another crappy driver going too fast for conditions (6:00 AM is still very dark, and the road is curved). Cops killed while performing their duties ARE heroes. Cops killed driving too fast while off duty are not.

  4. INFIDEL_USA says:

    SGTSTUMPY… you are an ignorant idiot. Your village is looking for you.

  5. INFIDEL_USA says:

    SGTSTUMPY… I just realized I gave idiots a bad name by lumping you in with them. You’re just plain ignorant.

    1. South Beach Guy says:

      HAHAHA STUMPY is an ignorant LOL. And he said jail hous ho in the other comment. He must be about 11 yrs old. Thats how old I was many years ago the last time I heard someone say that!!! HAHAHAH, Then he said girly man LOL HAHAHAHAH to funny.

  6. concerned citizen says:

    let not forget the facts……his family willl miss him……not how it happened

    1. South Beach Guy says:

      My guess we will see a medical reason maybe. Then again How bad are drivers when they text and now police have to watch everythign and a computer and listen to a radio and watch their phones also.

  7. TreesKillCops says:

    Idiot, that cop had to be speeding WAYYYYY above 45 mph to wrap that car like a pretzel.

    Now, go beat up that tree, moron.

    1. sgtstumpy says:

      and now his family is suffering… wonder how much of the tax payers money will be spent burying this one

      1. South Beach Guy says:

        You have to have a job to be worrying about taxes bud. Finish high school first.

    2. Carlo says:

      To treeskillcops

      Speeding huh??? Obviousley you didn’t read the article, that was the 3rd accident this week, another idiot who has nothing better to do with his pitiful life that pass stupid comments. Drop Dead

  8. dmb says:

    God bless him and his family, that is what’s important. Someone loss thier life and left behind loved ones. Have a heart thats what the enitire world needs with all the bs going on. People don’t know how to care and thats where most problems arise from………. My heart goes out to his family and friends

  9. John Taxpayer Wayne says:

    Pity for someone dying because it was not his/her fault: Ok

    Pity for someone doing something stupid, like a cop driving way above the speed limit for no reason at all, and ruining a TAXPAYERS’ FUNDED cop car, valued at over $50,000: no pity

    Yeah, now the TAXPAYERS will pay for his funeral and have to pay replace his cruiser, Yeeeeh!!!!!

    1. sgtstumpy says:

      Tell it like it is brother Wayne!!!! Amen!!!

    2. South Beach Guy says:

      Cars are insured. Cost 30K and there is no report on what happened so unless you are in the CSI unit wait for the facts or continue your uneducated comments in your parents basement on World of Warcraft. LOL Made myself laugh. 🙂

  10. Clay Renoit says:

    Your so right about flying. Last year a MDP passed me on the turnpike so fast but I wrote down the car number and this was right before Christmas and after I got to walmart as I pulled in the parking lot I saw the same police car with the same number on the car. So I asked him why speed to go shopping at walmart. He got nasty with me and said he had a call and because I am asking ?’s… He can take me to jail… HE WAS NASTY…SO I HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT IT THIS CHRISTMAS IF I SEE THIS AGAIN AND I ASK AND HE GETS NASTY ABOUT IT AND WANTS TO TAKE ME TO JAIL…..TAKE ME AND I WILL SUE…CAN A TROOPER WRITE MDP A FINE FOR SPEEDING??? NO BECAUSE THEY ALL SPEED AND GET BY WITH IT….WHO GIVES A TROOPER A FINE FOR SPEEDING? ok MDP you could take me to jail for leaving this comment…just the same as walmart….SPEEDING KILLS FOR TROOPERS AND MDP….SEE DELRAY BEACH OFFICER WAS SPEEDING…IT WAS TREES FALT…YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO A CRUISER WITHOUT SPEEDING….GOOD LUCK FINDING THE TRUTH.. MAYBE THE TREE WAS SPEEDING….TO THE TREE DON’T ASK BECAUSE THEY CAN CUT YOU DOWN AND TAKE YOU TO JAIL…..

  11. mada says:

    these are the facts…
    the speed limit is 45…
    he was on his way to work, maybe late….
    you don’t get that kind of damage doing 45 mph…

    If this were joe citizen the cops would be saying he was speeding….

    lets not sugar coat it, end of story….

    1. sgtstumpy says:

      that’s right! No high fructose corn syrup either!!!

  12. Luis Bonilla says:


    1. Carlo says:

      The only idiot here is you Luis, read what you wrote and maybe you will get the same impression of yourself that we get, that you are an absolute idiot. Why are you so angry, were you to stupid to pass the police test?

  13. JPT '89 says:

    I graduated high school with Adam Rosenthal and was shocked to learn of his passing. Adam was a highly respected individual as a teenager and I was not surprised when I saw him a few years ago that he chose a career in law enforcement. When I reconnected with Adam he was running between fields trying to watch his kid play soccer.

    Although there are bad seeds in law enforcement that get the negative publicity Adam was not one of those individuals. As the article mentions, “Sgt. Rosenthal was a highly decorated and respected member of the Delray Beach Police Department”. Anyone can speculate at the cause of the accident but let’s not forget that a husband and father of four young children passed today. Shame on those individuals that have chosen to use this forum to prove their own lives lack value by trying to tarnish someone who lived by the highest of values and dignity.

    1. NumbNutsKeepsProcreating says:

      No tarnishing your buddy, but there is no way in h3ll that the tree jumped in front on him on a rain free day and he demolished his car in such a way.

      Cops are not above anyone else. He did not died chasing a fugitive.

      Don’t sugar coat it.

      God Bless him.

      1. JPT ' 89 says:

        I’m not attempting to sugar coat anything. All I know is a person that deserves respect died this morning and four young children are fatherless tonight. That is what my focus is on. Individuals like yourself who only wish to point a finger as to why something happened rather than focusing on that it did happen and the ramifications that came about because of it. Obviously it appears a mistake was made. Unfortunately this mistake can not be rectified but how much lower can you go than kicking a person that has passed.

    2. JPT ' 89,WFT? says:

      Alright idiot, then give him a ticket now for reckless driving. Have his pension docked for ruining the TAXPAYER’S FUNDED CAR and tree, the cost of investigation, the INCREASE COST OF CAR INSURANCE TO THE CITY, and REIMBURSE THE TAXPAYERS for all the cops that will come from near and far to his funeral in TAXPAYERS’ FUNDED VEHICLES.


  14. dmb says:

    It was nice to hear Luis give respect to the fact a life was lost. Speeding or not, right or wrong, its the fact that it was tragic regardless…

  15. Sabastian Cabot says:

    This happens all the time. Cops think they are above the law. Please, cop defenders stop making excuses for him hitting a tree. I have been driving for years and have not hit a tree yet. When I was in high school all the thugs wanted to be policeman. Now they have graduated into thugs with guns and speeders. People do not have respect for cops because they are the ones who violate the law the most. Clay, I am not surprised the cop you saw speeding was going to Wal-Mart, he probably just got done eating a La Carreta. The “tree” will be brought up on charges for running into the cop car!

  16. tomb says:

    could have been sucide he evidently drove this route daily.

  17. Iron Will says:

    i feel sorry for his family. the military have their own police, police need their own police because speeding or not speeding or reckless , theyre just as human as us citizens, so they deserve tickets and their safety envoked like everyone else

  18. Lord of Winchester says:

    It really amazes me that we only got one person that “supposedly” knew this outstanding ossifer (I use the term ossifer lightly). This was one comment in the story…”Harding said the curve in the road where the accident took place has been a problem for years.” The curve in the road is not the problem, the problem was-the stupid cop was speeding in excess of 45 mph!! I love the comments by Clay Renoit, that has to be the best comments of all time!! Is it an arrestable offense to ask a cop why they were speeding? Interesting…Can someone please tell me the state statue number for that one?? There isn’t one…..There could be two reasons why he was speeding 1.He spilled decaf all over his private areas or he was speeding to get to the 7-Eleven to buy a 6-pack of Oscar Meyer wieners for him and his boyfriend. How can people defend these idiots that speed and break the law everyday, molest people, berate them and then they expect respect from the community. I’d love to see some MDPD units from the hammocks district and airport district wrapped around a huge churro. These so called cops don’t seem to get it yet and I don’t think they ever will, the community sees these punks and thugs breaking the everyday and they continue to do the same behavior day in and day out. Nobody said you need a PhD to be a cop!! Sebastion is absolutely right, we have gang members on our police force, and they are supposedly “protecting and serving”. He killed a perfectly good tree, his family needs to pay restitution to the offspring of that tree. You’ll never hear the outcome of the investigation, because he was speeding, if he wasn’t the car wouldn’t have been wrapped around like a huge hotdog. Green card please…..

    1. dave says:

      Most people who know him are busy MOURNING, and don’t have time to sit and read these things. My brother to be included, they were best friends and trained the community in martial arts. You all may hate cops for whatever reason, they’ve pissed me off in the past too. But this guy was truly and upstanding guy. He went out of his way fro everyone. He got several kids to leave gangs and are now on their way to college. He was also a great father and husband.

  19. Meg Kenney Parker says:

    Have any of you people saying he was speeding studied traffic crashes and learned the formula for determining the speed of the vehicle by the length of the skid marks? Are you traffic homicide detectives? Last night it rained first of all. Second, like I said before, how do you all not know that maybe he was going to a call with his lights and sirens on (which yes, then speed may be a factor cause they can go over the speed limit on those kind of calls)? And, like before, a sudden impact/stop would do that kind of damage! Those cars are not unbreakable. Oh, and by the way, do people forget cops pay taxes too. So get off the tax payers money bs!

    1. Meg says:

      he was on his way to work, so he was speeding because he was late? It never rains in South Florida? Never ever?

  20. Mekatlew says:

    I travel that stretch every single morning/evening and let me tell you, when there is no traffic, cars can reach pretty high MPHs. When you hit the bend, you’d better have control of your vehicle or slow the heck down because the wheel can get away from you. I passed by there this evening and saw news vans and wondered what happened. Now I saw this story and it’s just sad. The speed limit is 40 or 45, can’t remember and trust, even if you are going the limit, the bends catch you. Accelerate past 40…and yeah, it’s not good…at all…plus some cops do drive like maniacs and civilians wonder where is their ticket when they need one…Tragic to here, I send my condolences…this is a reminder for everyone to drive with as much respect for the roads as we can. Especially the twists on Lyons in between Palmetto and Glades…(sigh)

  21. loriann says:

    First of all, why are people making horrible comments? It doesn’t matter, good cop, bad cop, speeding or not. The people that are making bad comments must be the ones that get in trouble with the law. As far as speeding, WE ALL SPEED once in a while. No one can sit here and say they don’t. This is very sad. My heart goes out to friends, family and all that love this person. They are truly the ones that will be suffering. Those poor children. Remember folks, only GOD judges! If this was someone you loved, would you still be making these ill comments?

  22. JOANNA says:

    First of all this is a Good Man that died. His career was what he loved to do and did it well…as his honors speak for themselves. Second, he was on his way to work at 6am and no one yet has showed any logic in the above comments! Take a minute to think, such a smart and concerned officer who does value his own life, the life of his family, and the rape victims he tried to protect and help through their tragedies….”He Respects Life”….Did any one of YOU happen to think HE MAY HAVE HAD A HEART ATTACK OR EVEN A HEALTH TYPE OF STROKE/ANORISM THAT MADE HIS BODY REACT AND HIT THE PEDAL OR PULL ON THE STEERING WHEEL THE WRONG WAY WHILE HE WAS ENCOUNTERING A “SERIOUS HEALTH ISSUE” WHILE BEHIND A 3850 LB.VEHICLE????????????? TO ALL THE FAMILY, FRIENDS/OFFICERS, AND THE ABOVE IDIOTS NOW WHAT DO YOU THINK…..THINK ABOUT THIS COMMENT!!! I SEND MY PRAYERS TO ADAM AND ALL HIS LOVED ONES!! MAY GOD BE CLOSE TO YOUR HEARTS AND HEAL YOUR PAIN AND SUFFERING FOR ADAMS LOSS OF HIS EARTHLY FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!! XOXO

  23. FB says:

    To all of you “EXPERTS” out there. Why don’t you wait for the final outcome of what really happened. Since so many of you Cop Haters out ther know it all, and you are all experts in speeding, try this. Get in your car, do the supposed 40 mph (+) you say he was doing, and slam your car into the first palm tree you find. When the POLICE get the call that you are stuck in there, they will drive in your direction, hopefully not speeding of corse so that we can tell your family how you died because we couldn’t get to you on time.
    Stop being Monday Morning Quarterbacks, IDIOTS!

  24. TMinVero says:

    I can’t believe the horrible comments that I am reading today. Where did the idea of comapassion go? I was so sad to hear of Adam’s passing. It really made me think about how quickly things can change and to tell the ones you love that you love them every day. My heart goes out to Adam’s wife, sister, and especially his 4 children. May God see them through this diffiicult time….

  25. dave says:

    My brother was good frends with Adam. He was a great person, and a hero. All you jerks saying bad stuff are not worthy to breath the same air as the rest of the world.

  26. Dave? says:

    A hero? For showing up for work?

    1. dave says:

      No…. A hero for 16 years as a police officer and community servant, a hero who ran several special programs inside and out of the departments, a hero with over 80 commendations, awards, and medals, a hero that ran out reach programs and got many kids of drugs and the streets, a hero to 4 small children that called him daddy whom he cherished, a great mentor to the community, a great father, a great friend, and a great husband. The most unselfish person you could ever meet. THAT’S A HERO!!! You should do some research before running your mouth.

  27. dave says:

    Friday many of Adams friends gathered at the Dojo where they train, his 2 small boys were there as well. Their biological mother passed away several years ago. Adam used to bring the boys to the dojo to train every night, then would go out for ice cream. On Friday Adams oldest boy would be out on the mat and once in a while just lay there and look up at the ceiling. Imagine how it must feel to be that boy. His father was everything to him. For all of you who want to be heartless and continue to say bad things, go ahead. They’re only words. But in your heart you know you’re wrong. Know one knows what happened expect Adam. Maybe he swerved to avoid a jogger, a squirrel, whatever. Maybe he was getting something out of his pocket and was steering with his knee, we’ve all done that. Maybe he was speeding. Who cares? And to all you “scientists” the Ford Crown Victoria has a weak spot between the passenger and drivers door that will buckle, wrapping a car around a tree like that at speeds as low as 45 mph. Look it up.

  28. Deputy says:

    You guys are unbelievable, it true what they say you hate us till u need us. Let’s see how fast you want us to go when you’re getting beat or you have some other emergency.. the fact is someone lost their no how it happen. Show some common decency and respect for a guy or girl who puts their lives on the line everyday to save some of you who don’t deserve it. Rest in peace brother, you’ve done your duty we got got it now!!

  29. TS says:

    To all those with a critical view: beware, lest you be judged by only your mistakes rather than the good that you do. Are you so shallow that you would condemn a man in his final hour rather than review the hours of goodness throughout his life? Have you talked to the children who now value themselves and see themselves as having options, thanks to Adam? Have you talked to the victims who were helped and saved by Adam? Probably not. It’s just easier for you to throw stones. Pity you for not having the honor to meet and know such a highly regarded person of the community.

  30. Jesus says:

    Once a speeding tceikt is issued the court requests that you decide whether or not to dispute the tceikt within 15 days. If you do not dispute the tceikt after 45 days the Justice of the Peace will review the speeding tceikt. If there has not been a request for a trial or not guilty plea filed by the defendant (the driver) the Justice will review the tceikt to make sure that everything is proper on the speeding tceikt. If there are any fatal errors on the tceikt the Justice will Quash (dismiss) the tceikt. If everything is proper on the speeding tceikt the Justice of the Peace will enter a conviction to the charge. Once the Justice enters a conviction to the charge you have 15 days to pay the speeding tceikt. If the speeding tceikt does not get paid within the time frame ordered by the Justice of the Peace the court administration will notify the Ministry of Transportation to suspend the drivers license of the driver until the fine is paid.Usually, but not always you have about 2 months after receiving the speeding tceikt to pay the fine before your drivers license will get suspended.

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