MIAMI- ( It’s the holiday that gives everyone a case of nerves. Men feel pressure to get the right gift for their wife or girlfriend, and if they wait until the last minute, the stress can skyrocket.

Women wonder if their man will remember, and what kind of gift they should give him.

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Everybody wonders what it means if they don’t get a Valentine’s day card or gift.

And this is supposed to be fun? wants to make it easier for everyone. If you haven’t yet had a chance to get flowers, candy, a card, or even jewelry, you can get the “I Love You” ball rolling by leaving you valentines day message here, where everyone can see it! Just give Cupid a hand.

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Just click down to the comments section and type away.

We do have some rules:
–No links, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, or full names in the message
–No words or descriptions that would make your mother or your kids blush
–Funny is fine, mushy is fine, but insults are not on the agenda. Let’s be nice for one day

Tell your friends, and tell your sweetie’s friends to point out the comment to them.

You can also check out our great Valentines Day ideas in our Best Of South Florida section, with things to do, restaurants, and fun Romantic places.

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Everyone needs a little love. Feel free to start here!