TALLAHASSEE (CBS4) – Red light cameras have become cash cows for cities with revenue problems. But one state senator wants to remove all red light cameras from state roads by July under a new bill, according to the News Service of Florida.

State Senator Rene Garcia said a bill that allows the red light cameras is an “unwarranted, big-brother initiative.” His bill would repeal the red light bill passed last year.

Garcia said that the red light cameras have simply become a way for local governments to use “these cameras to tax their citizens under the disguise of safety.”

According to the News Service of Florida, the state’s Revenue Estimating Conference projected the red light cameras would bring in roughly $100 million into the state and $75 million into local governments over two years.

Drivers typically pay more than $150 per violation if they are caught on camera running a red light.

Garcia’s bill goes head to head with insurance industry, which research it says showed that the cameras saved roughly 159 lives over four years in a study of 14 major cities.

The News Service of Florida reported that 3 percent of all fatal accidents in 2008 resulted from someone running a red light.

Comments (3)
  1. tired says:

    Question: Since the cameras are focused on the rear (tag) of the vehicle how can they determine who’s driving? No cop, no “liscense, registration and proof of insurance”. No proof!

  2. Towncar says:

    Is the cost to pay for running a red light the same when you are ticketed by a
    red light camera or by a policemen? If not, whats the difference?

  3. John Forshaw says:

    This is an abuse of power. Who ends up paying more often? The poor, the less educated, and immigrants who are afraiid of getting any attention from “the Authorities” is this what this counttry has come too?