MIAMI (CBS4) – Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High’s boys’ basketball team, ranked number one in the state, may have this year’s season wiped out due to team member who may have been ineligible to play.

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The issue centers around senior guard Brian Delancy, a native of the Bahamas. The Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) said in their paperwork on the teen, they are missing an I-20 form; a student visa which gives international students permission to attend school.

“My teammates it hurt them so they can’t play because of me,” Brian Delancy told CBS4’s Tiffani Helberg. “I do have the proper documents it will be proven in court tomorrow that I do.”

Delancy has filed a lawsuit against the FHSAA claiming he should be allowed to compete in the playoffs. A court hearing on the matter will be held on Tuesday.

Krop officials say they trying to cooperate but so far have been unable to satisfy the FHSAA demand.

Federal law prohibits public schools from investigating a student’s immigration status.

“School officials are not permitted to ask that question when a student enrolls,” said David Baron, Delancy’s lawyer.

While the door to an education is open to everyone, FHSAA officials say the door to the gym is not. Their rules say playing on the team is a privilege, not a right and a player has to prove legal status.

“If you go up and down the rosters of teams in Dade County and you were looking for that, you would find a number of students that would be the same classification, but they’re playing on teams and why is this student being singled out,” said Baron.

It’s an issue that has hit the team hard.

“I just think like people are trying to find a reason to get us out of it everybody knows that we are like one of the best teams in the state so I mean I just feel like it was wrong,” said Cody Mann, a point guard on the team.

“I think it’s really unfair and it’s really sad that they’re trying to do this to us cause we worked really hard all year for this,” Darren Nagar, a guard on the team.

Last Friday Krop was removed from the Greater Miami Athletic Conference tournament which begins Monday.

“Because the FHSAA has deemed one of their players ineligible, forfeiture of contests is mandatory according to their own bylaws,” GMAC executive secretary Cheryl Golden told the paper.

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Comments (6)
  1. mike says:

    Everybody wants to sue for something.
    If the team did not follow the by laws and the judge rules against the by laws then why even have them. It appears that the laws in our society are for just the few. others sue so they don’t have to follow the laws.
    Judges in our country need to wake up and start following the law.
    Some law suits are so stupid but the judges will hand out big pay outs.
    Society needs to learn to be responsibliy for their actions and live with the results and obey the law.

  2. Jane Doe says:

    I don’t understand. Michael Krop has lots of illegal immigrants going to school there and that is okay but wrong for this guy because he plays sports? When my daughter graduated from Krop half if not more of her graduaing call consisted of illegal immigrants. I would bet my last penny if he were Hispanic it would not even be an issue and if it became one La Raza and the ACLU would be screaming bloody murder.

  3. Tired says:

    Let s see the FHSAA has a by law re an immigration document that the Feds say that the school cant check on. I say the Federal trumps a state athletic association.
    And I bet if the FHSAA checks the hundreds of immigrants competing at So Florida schools, that they would find many more of these kids. By the way, are all extra curricular activities ie cheerleading, band etc, covered or just athletics?.

  4. david says:

    But everyone went through the light officer why am I the only one getting a ticket? Great defense. The coaches and administration need to take responsibility for their poor judgment and apologize to the team and the entire student body if it turns out that this player can’t provide the needed documentation.

  5. JustAmazed says:

    So …. you can’t ask their immigration status when they enroll BUT if you don’t ask when they want to play sports, you’re screwed. Makes perfectly good nonsense.

  6. Chris Douglus II says:

    Hope Roger Dearing gets his!!!! Condescending and Racist Red neck!!!!