By Joan Murray

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – Trak Red the pit bulldog died on a Fort Lauderdale sidewalk amid a hail of bullets Monday from a man who said he was forced to shoot two dogs after they allegedly attacked him and his dog on their morning walk.

George Oscar Doughty told police he was walking his rottweiler on Pennsylvania Avenue in the Melrose Park neighborhood when another rottweiler and a pit bull charged him. Doughty, who has a concealed weapon permit, pulled his gun and shot both of the dogs.

“He killed my baby,” said Joanne Cole one of ‘red’s owners.
There has been bad blood between the shooter and Cole and her husband Randy Daise.

The pit bull was killed; the rottweiler was taken to an area animal hospital where it was listed as stable.

There was a tense history between Daise and Doughty, who claims that this is not the first time the dogs have attacked him. Doughty claims that a prior attack on his rotty last year sent his dog to the animal hospital for treatment.

“I took him to two vets to get his dog straightened out, paid the bills,” Daise said. “He told me he would kill my dog if he ever catch him in the street, and that’s what he did.”

Fort Lauderdale police spokesman Detective Travis Mandell said Daise did not have the dogs on a leash when it all happened. Daise said he thinks the shooting was intentional.

Daise maintains the dead dog was gentle.

“He was just a puppy and I raised him not to bite because I have grandkids,” said Joanne Cole.

Daise said he thinks Doughty came gunning for the dogs.

“He started coming this way with his concealed weapons permit, you understand, so if they came out he was going to kill them” said Daise. “And he did just that.”

The other dog, Cleopatra the rotty, may be pregnant. She was rushed to Hollywood Animal Hospital where she is being treated for gunshot wounds to the face, neck and chest.

Dr. Ashley Mustakas, veterinarian, said the news may not be good for Cleopatra or her puppies.

“She does have a chance of hemorrhage, when we find the bullet there may be damage to tissue and bones,” the veterinarian said. “If she’s pregnant, it makes it more complicated because of blood loss and stress.”

Mandell said Doughty has cooperated with investigators and will most likely not be charged.

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Comments (13)
  1. mike says:

    Good for the guy who shot the dogs.
    If the owner had obayed the law and kept his dogs on a leash then his dog would not be dead. All honest citizens need to carry guns and defend themselves, Loved one and their property.
    The criminals have to much power and rights. We need to take back our streets and Judges need to apply punishement Real Punishnemnt.

    1. Sgtstumpy says:

      I agree… But just watch the media turn this around about gun control. Then the next time this situation happens it will be a dead man and his dog…

  2. Ruth says:

    The owner of the 2 dogs should be glad it was his neighbor who was attacked….not a small defenseless child.

  3. Gina says:

    If the dogs had been properly socialized this would not have happened. Pit bulls and rottweilers can easily be trained to be sweet, well behaved dogs. The owner should be brought up on neglect charges. It’s a shame that the animals had to pat for his stupidity.

  4. Mike says:

    My friend had a Pit Bull who swore it was a nice family-oriented dog and would never hurt anyone. One day the dog broke its chain, hopped a fence, killed a poodle, then went after the lady walking the poodle. My other friend has a pit bull also and I refuse to be around it. The thing is like the “Kimbo Slice” version of a dog. Pit Bull’s can turn, it’s a fact.

  5. LULY says:

    All of the above is find and true statements; however and probably knowinly
    this guy had it with the neighbor and kill the poor dog although perhaps he
    really wants to kill is the neighbor.
    I don’t have killing instinct but I do have a neighbor that has gone as far as after finishing paying ball on my grass, washes his hands on my fountain, after accidentally breaking one of my sprinklers head. DOES ANYBODY GET THIS.

    1. Sgtstumpy says:

      no…maybe you should learn correct sentence structure and how to spell… Because you made no sense of anything

  6. David Clark says:

    You know why you can not get a Homeowners Insurance policy if you have a pit bull? Because THEY have to pay for what the dogs do. They are fine with most other breeds, when is the last time a Goldy attached and kills a human or even another dog? THEY, and most other breeds just don’t do that!!

    Rather then spending all their time looking for pay offs and criminal deals come up with something that will protect the people who elected them.

  7. Betty says:

    Bite me once shame on me. bite me twice you are dead. you want bite me the third time.
    Now Daughty, can walk the sidewalk in peace one down and one to go!!

  8. m says:

    I would do the same…you have to protect yourself and your loved ones and pets. If a dog is known for attacking…boom boom!!!

    The dog has two choices kill me or die.

    Leash the dog if you want it alive.

  9. Lucky says:

    A Crazy neighboub is a pain in the neck let’s hope the person that doe’s the shooting can sleep easy knowing that he did nothing wrong ,but if he had to pay all the vets bills last year …..then obviously he owed then big time so it was only a matter of time neighbour .Lesson learn dogs owners stop being your neighbours pain in the BUTT

  10. North Florida says:

    I am more than a year late but the owner of the pitbull and rottweiler is an idiot. You cannot train a dog to bite. Any dog that feels threatened will bite! DUHHHHHHHHHH

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