FT. LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – Airlines are continuing to nickel and dime passengers to death as they try to squeeze out every last penny from the traveling public.

The latest squeeze comes from Ft. Lauderdale-based Spirit Airlines. The low-cost carrier, which was the first to charge for carry-on bags, has now changed its checked bag policy that could cost passengers quite a bit of cash.

As of February 1, Spirit set the weight limit for a checked bag at 40 pounds for domestic flights. The typical weight limit for bags is 50 pounds with most airlines.

Spirit will charge you $28 for the first 40 pounds of your bag. If your bag weighs 41 pounds, get ready to pay an additional fee of $25 each way on your trip, according to the Boston Globe.

Spirit’s policy change is likely the latest step as all airlines look to recoup money as gas prices rise. Airlines will continue to tout cheap tickets, but when you add on the fees, the cheap ticket prices are pretty much a non sequitur.

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  1. Maxx says:

    Don’t waste your time booking with Spirit, after you enter your dates, chose your times by flight numbers, prepay for luggage both under and onboard the flight, both ways per passanger; than your taken to the next screen to pay for your SEATS. YES, thats correct, PAY FOR YOUR SEATS! $10, $20, $30 each way per passenger. What started out as a $295 fair plus tax ($390) quickly escalated into almost $800. A Little websurfing got me a much better deal with better departure times for a grand total of $590, all inclusive. SPIRIT IS NOT WORTH YOUR TIME!

  2. Andres Canizares says:

    The abuse is comming to an end soon, all this additional charges will ground the AIRLINES….So Long…Creedy

  3. Chas says:

    They only get away with it if you use there crap airline..which it was before the fees and still is only it costs twice as much. Simple answer… DON’T FLY WITH THEM……..

  4. CARMEN says:


  5. Carlos says:

    I respect all prior posts but allow me to share my point of view: Since 2007, Spirit has implemented an innovative business model of “unbundling fares” that to a certain extent and just like many other innovative ideas, has received severe criticism. Additionally, their customer service is not the greatest. HOWEVER, to their credit, they have invested heavily in their fleet (their fleet is among the most modern in the Americas) and they DO offer the lowest fares. That is essentially why I fly them. For those of you who dont mind paying the big bucks for travel, dont even read this, just go and fly on Spirit;s competitors. If you are cost oriented, then I can guarantee you, Spirit is unbeatable with its ultra low fares. And by the way, for Maxx’s post, I don’t think its fare to come out here and publicly accuse Spirit. Spirit is upfront about their fees and quite honestly, every single time I compare fares (including additional FEES), SPirit always beats its competitors. Anyone can just go and verify that by themselves instead of reading it here.

    1. Vegas Vic says:

      Our bags in the past have always been close to the 50# limit. Now, the same amount of clothing, etc. will still be needed but will be distributed over 3 bags, not 2. We can fly now with luggage fees totaling $122 for the 3 bags (weighing just under 100#) or we could be hit with the extra fee for 2 overweight pieces (same “under 100#”) of luggage for $172. Spirit is now encouraging us to add 1 more piece of luggage for them to handle and to take up space. It doesn’t make sense. We will not be reducing any weight on the plane…just taking up more precious space.

  6. Blake says:

    I used to fly spirit all the time the last few years because it was very cheap compared to the “better quality” carriers. However now with paying for checked bags and carry on bags, I rather pay a few bucks more to travel on a much more comfortable and spacious plane. The news also missed that spirit now made their $9 fare club membership $20 more per year, and now $9 flights are much more rare with deals comming in once every few weeks, when it used to be once every 2 days. How I miss the days where my roundtrip ticket cost $45 bucks total with free carry on bags (used to sneak in 2) and 1st checked bag free and free beverage and snack….Those days seem long gone.