MIAMI (CBS4) – Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado joined the call Thursday for the city’s embattled police chief, Miguel Exposito, to resign.

Regalado has been locked in recent battles with Exposito over the department’s handling of six police involved shootings, embarrassments over a corruption sting the state attorney’s office largely rejected as unsubstantiated, and much more.

Mayor Regalado said, “I think the best way to move on for the city will be to have a very amicable and decent departure and then we can move on with the police department.”

Three city commissioners—Richard Dunn, Francis Suarez and Wilfredo Gort are urging Exposito to step aside. So is the police union president.

Only the city manager has hiring and firing power and he just brought in a retired FBI special agent to take a top to bottom look at the police department.

The question is–why bother with that review if so many minds already appear to be made up?

Regalado answered, “The manager has been consistent in what he’s been saying from day one. He wants to examine all departments.”

Chief Exposito has been turning down media requests lately, but did issue a brief statement in which he made it clear he will not be resigning. The pitched political drama over his future, it seems, is far from over.

Comments (3)
  1. Tomas says:

    Hey Mr. Shady Police Chief, Just Leave, you’re not wanted. Stop being Stubborn, nobody wants you, GET OUT.

  2. tacnacs2 says:

    stupid is as stupid does…. if your not wanted in a position and the marbles are stacked up against you then bow out. it seems this fidelista state whick includes eEXPOSITO, SEIJA,ALVAREZ is getting on the nerves of all so. fla. residence. enough already..remember its the people of dade county that have the last say. all of you work for us, not we work for you. period… and a word to REGALATO..keep you mouth shut, because what goes around will eventually come around… you seem to be getting close to this fidelista type tactic ways of handle your dirty laundry. you where elected because of your experience as a good commissioner, keepi it that way

  3. Banole says:

    Black men ought to start shooting back! . Self defense is never wrong!

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