WEST PALM BEACH (CBS4) — South Florida’s ocean water is chilly to most swimmers right now — upper 60s to low 70s — but it’s no problem for sharks swimming north in an annual migration that spooks most people out of the water.

Thousands of sharks are clearly visible in gin-clear water up and down South Florida’s beaches, most about 100 yards offshore but many swimming right to where waves break onshore.

Beaches in Broward and Palm Beach counties have closed as a result. They’ve been around for the last couple of weeks.

Most are blacktip and spinner sharks on their way to nursing areas as far north as North Carolina. The sharks return south in the fall after giving birth.

Their presence in South Florida will last a couple more weeks.

Although the sharks scare many, it’s also an opportunity many snorkelers and scuba divers relish as a chance to get close to the animals. Blacktip and spinner sharks aren’t considered “maneaters” but have bitten humans.


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