MIAMI (CBS4) – North Miami Beach Police are investigating why one of their officers opened fire in a lounge Wednesday night, critically injuring a man.

North Miami Beach Detective Armando Sotero says officers went to the Take One Lounge on 79th Street and 3rd Court as part of Operation Wolf Pack after receiving a tip in an abduction case .

Sotero says they got a tip that Carlos Dewayne, 41, had been dropped off at the lounge by a taxi. He is wanted for the abduction and false imprisonment of a victim in North Miami Beach.

Once officers arrived at the lounge, an armed man reportedly pointed a gun at them and would not put the gun down despite several verbal commands, said Sotero. The officer reportedly felt threatened and discharged his weapon. The man was transported to the hospital in critical but stable condition. The identification of the shooting victim has not been released.

Police say they are still looking for Dewayne.

Operation Wolf Pack is a multi-agency task force made up of local, county, state and federal officers. The task force handles mostly cases involving violent criminals.

If you have any information about this crime, call Miami-Dade Crimestoppers at (305) 471-TIPS.


Comments (5)
  1. l_g says:

    I think if some points a weapon at authorities there should be no need for an investigation if they get shot. You don’t point guns at law inforcement and pretend they give you flowers (unless they go to your funeral)

  2. jruk says:

    lmao i saw all the cops driving there and i was wondering what the deal was. Like 5 diff jurisdictions and the FBI in the black GMC trucks.

  3. sab says:

    dont believe what police says the suspect worked at take one lounge as the barback he beat up on his baby mama the nite before she reported him thats why they were looking for him he was not even at work tonite as far as the shooting suspect he was a armedsecurity guard that worked at take one for years he reacted on impact u have men all in black rushing the club he not sure if u gettin robbed or raided they had no reason shooting him four times the new managment dino and gary running the club had a big part on what happened tonite no control

  4. MAG says:

    Well armed security or not…if you see a bunch of law enforcement officers, showing badges and have on bullet proof vest on where it says POLICE on it, you drop your gun. Just like you said the armed security guard “if he was a security guard’ reacted on impact, so did the officers. They don’t know if it is a real armed security guard or someone posing as one. I tell you this much officers are a little higher on the law enforcement side than security guards. So their cards trumps his card. The bottom line if he would of just dropped his gun he would not of gotten shot.

  5. william says:

    kill ,murder, whatever people are dead that weren t suppose to die. its called shoot and ask questions later . miami police the worse groupe of criminals ever. a fine line between good guys and bad . take off there uniforms and put them in jail and lets see if anyone can tell the diffrence between inmates and miami police. and as far as correction officers . wow trash

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