KEY BISCAYNE (CBS4) – They have been seen all over the Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, but now red light cameras are making their first appearance on Key Biscayne.

The village activated its first red light camera Monday at the intersection of Harbor Drive and Crandon Boulevard, according to CBS4 news partner The Miami Herald.

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The camera will be positioned on the southwest corner of Harbor Drive and will photograph drivers heading eastbound toward Crandon Boulevard.

Drivers who run the red light won’t be ticketed – yet. The warning period ends on February 15th. After that time, anyone caught on breezing through the light should expect a $158 ticket in the mail.

“I can guarantee you when the signs go up that the red light cameras will be enforced and the fine is $158, things will change,” said Council member Enrique Garcia, who regularly walks around the island..

Key Biscayne is also applying for a permit to install another camera at the same intersection, instead it capturing images of drivers heading south on Crandon Boulevard, into the village.

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The cameras will be operated by American Traffic Solutions, who will review the still pictures and video footage to determine if an infraction has been made.

The evidence will then be turned over to the Key Biscayne Police Department, who will also determine if a law has been broken.

If it is determined that a driver has run a red light, ATS will then issue a ticket within 30 days. The driver also has 30 days after receiving the ticket to either pay the fine, or contest the violation in court.

If the ticket is paid, it is considered a civil violation, meaning no points will be assessed on the driver’s record.

However, if the driver decides to challenge the incident, the ticket becomes a uniform traffic citation (UTC).

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