MIAMI (CBS4) – It’s something many people do for fun, read their horoscopes for advice.

We know our astrological signs because of it.  But what if the astrologers have it wrong?

“They’ve always had the wrong signs.” Miami-Dade College Astronomy Professor Jose Orta told CBS4’s David Sutta.

Astronomers, the scientists of the universe, are making the argument this week based on another constellation in the sky.  They believe that makes 13 signs not 12.  So say you are Capricorn, you may really be a Sagittarius.

Orta explained “Astronomers for the last two millennia has known that.  Actually more than that since the times of the ancient Greeks.”

The debate apparently has gone on for a long time.

An article in the Huffington Post revived it this week.

Sutta asked Ron Archer, an astrologist where this is coming from.

“It could be astronomers once again trying to debunk astrology.”  Archer says your signs are fine.  There will be no 13th.

“In astrology we don’t have to be that exact because we don’t believe that the planets actually influence you.  The symbols behind the planets correlate to the issues that we as human beings have to deal with in our lives.” Archer said.

So fear not…there will be no new tattoos.

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