MIAMI (CBS4)- Three suspected bank robbers are in FBI custody after they led police on a chase that spanned three counties.

The men were wanted for robbing a Bank of America branch in Delray Beach Tuesday morning. They were armed at the time of the robbery, according to police, and that’s where the chase started.

“Two armed men covered from head to toe entered the bank,” said Special Agent Michael Leverock of the FBI. “One with an assault rifle, one jumped over the counter and started collecting money. They both fled in a waiting car.”

Chopper 4 picked up the chase shortly before noon in Broward County.

The men, driving a newer model Silver Cadillac, possibly a CTS, were speeding down I-95 into Miami-Dade County. The vehicle could be seen weaving erratically in and out of traffic at an extremely high rate of speed.

A second vehicle, an unmarked police SUV with its hazards flashing, was right behind them much of the way.

The Cadillac did exit I-95 near Opa-Locka where it sped through side streets in an effort to avoid capture. The men eventually drove onto the Gratigny Expressway where they picked up I-75 headed northbound.

At one point, video from Chopper 4 showed the vehicle slow down slightly and a passenger in the vehicle opened his door and threw out a high powered gun onto the road. Police later retrieved that weapon.

Click Here To Check Out The Chase & Take Down By Police

A short time later, the suspects pulled over and jumped out of the car near Miami Gardens Drive and I-75, and ran into a nearby neighborhood. With helicopters overhead, the suspects couldn’t hide and two of them were quickly taken into custody.

The third was able to escape capture for a longer period of time, but was eventually taken into custody.

As a precaution two nearby schools, Lawton Chiles Middle and Spanish Lakes Elementary, were placed on precautionary “lock down”. It was lifted at both schools when the third suspect was placed in handcuffs and taken into custody.

The ordeal frightened dozens of neighbors who were kept away from their homes because of a large perimeter.

“Scary,” said Meri Mieres, a neighbor. “It’s crazy, crazy, people are desperate I guess.”

It’s not clear whether any of the men lived in the home to which they ran, but while at the home one of the suspects changed his shirt from a white tank top to a green polo shirt.

Neighbors thought the home had been in foreclosure for awhile, and they thought no one was living there.

FBI evidence techs searched the home, and CBS4 News cameras saw bicycles inside the garage.

Neighbor, Jose Lopez believes they know someone there, pointing out that the neighborhood is difficult to access. He told CBS4’s Natalia Zea, “That’s the only way in and only way out, to come all the way in here you gotta know somebody.”

The men are locked up in Palm Beach County Jail, and are facing federal charges.

Story reported with contributions from CBS4’s Tiffani Helberg.

Comments (12)
  1. Mike says:

    Yet another happy, joyous day in sunny South Florida.

  2. tired says:

    This is happehing everywhere and is likely to get worse it’s the ecconomy!

    1. Nikkai says:

      you are so correct. if there are no jobs families to feed there willl be more crime. no its not the way but this is all thee know.

  3. Me says:

    It’s funny Bank of America gets robbed and all of a city’s resourses are direct to catching the criminals. Bank of America (Along with all other Banks and Wall Street) rob us to the tune of 86,000 per peson and no one chases them ?

  4. NH says:

    This is one case not the entire black community! Yes they were wrong but let’s keep in respective that your ppl (in better words all ppl) do wrong so, wrong is wrong… Mr. City of Miami Cubano… Enough said!

  5. G. Cordon says:

    Wow… This is funny. It always becomes an issue of race until it is put into some kind of perspective. I am a black male from NC, and quite frankly I know a of just as many white criminals. But maybe you call them rednecks so they aren’t white??? Sure we black males get the bad rep… I’m not saying that some black men arent the problem, but you cant generalize any one population. Hispanics definitely have no room to be pointing any kind of fingers at any other race when it comes to crime. Every race has idiots! Whether you are robbing people on wall street or on your street, criminals are everywhere.

  6. Robin Schmidt says:

    I was angry with CBS that we missed out on seeing our new govenor sworn in but got to see some punks and a chase down I-95 instead. SHAME ON YOU CBS for putting this as your top priority!

    1. Sniper Bob says:

      Funny you would mention Scott in same breath as these bank robbers. How much did he pound us via his Meidcare fraud? How MANY Law enforcement officers were on TV during the elections saying this guy is a crook and should be in jail NOT elected?
      I saw his inauguration and thought is appropriate that it was literally ALL SMOKE afterwards.. He blew smoke up our asses during the campaign so he followed up with literal smoke today. Fair warning I guess.

    2. Sniper Bob says:

      Funny how you mentioned Scott and Bank Robbers in same sentence. How much did Scott pound out of Medicare with his fraud his company (he was CEO) was indicted for?
      You didn’t watch TV during the elections and see all the Law enforcement officers on TV saying he should be arrested, not running for office? I did.

  7. Clorissa says:

    To the coward none only as el cubachon
    Your comments as shallow as they are proves two points about yourself. First, of which your education level, and where you stand in society. You are in fact a nobody in the really world, and you are also, a nobody here. This is a fact that will never change. The world a better place when people like you die off. So do us all a favor and get busy dying. Ginnine


    First of all 86% of the prison population Hispanic and African American ….. 4 years ago, 4 white bank robbers robbed a Wachovia bank in California and got away with 33mil. These 4 White men then purchased a 2007 Cadillac Escalade driving it to Miami Fl and spending thousands of marked cash at Disney world with their families. The feds traced them down by the amount of cash that was spent…… Yesterday Two white police officers in (SOUTH FLORIDA) was sentenced to 21 and 24 months for armed burglary to an elderly woman…Most gang throughout the united states are ran by white and hispanics..( Hells Angels, KKK and Latin Kings)…. Oklahoma bomber (white) Wacco Texas (white murderer) and White priest gets arrested for child molestation, and a White Man gets arrested for writing a book to teach predators how to molest a child …….And then you say that the parents of African American children aren’t teaching them right and thats why they commit crime, but if u look at the NEWS most of the children that are using guns to kill their classmates are WHITE… Im just saying…… before you judge crime by race get your facts correct first….. Its not the color of our skin that makes us (the population) commit a crime, Its the individuals mentality thats is affecting our country… and guess what I am a White woman with an Hispanic ….

  9. P>Sarvich says:

    These gentlemen that robbed the bank were not choir boys in a church.They are criminals.Criminals come in all different colors ,shapes and sizes.People need to stop pointing fingers at different races and start working for the REAL race.The HUMAN RACE!Working for one cause will improve relations among all races.Quit your finger pointing people!

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