BIG COPPIT KEY (CBS4) — About 20 Cuban migrants were discovered in the lower Florida Keys New Year’s Day and have been taken into custody.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office assisted with the group who had been discovered on an off-shore island. Authorities believe the people had been on the island several days.

The people were brought to Shark Key Boat Ramp on Big Coppitt Key about 4 p.m. Saturday, eight of them were taken to Lower Keys Medical Center on Stock Island for minor medical treatment.

Customs and Border Protection have taken custody of them.

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  1. ed cosentino says:

    When was the last time any of us risked our lives for the freedom this country gives us? Welcome friends. I hope you get to stay.

    1. Rick says:

      Ed you are a good man, God bless you.

      1. ConfusedinFL says:

        Everyday I risk my life trying to survive here as the government steals my money and gives it to those who don’t deserve it. Why should we pay to those who have no regard for anything. I’m sorry why is it that Cubans are allowed to stay? Free food, free health care, free governmental funds.. How nice of us.

  2. Upset iN FL says:

    Our Government needs to stop giving out so much public assistance to these migrants!! In cuba the population knows more abour our public assistance programs than our own citizens!! It’s embarassing and shoud be stopped! Take away all the benefits that the cubans recieve when they land here Illegally and see what happenes.

  3. Diane says:

    Excuse me Ed but there are thousands risking their life for the freedom of their country and they deserve better than they are getting when they return home. Time to get rid of the Wet foot Dry foot policy. We’ve paid dearly for the mess up in the Missle Crisis. We need to take care of our own citizens.

  4. ed cosentino says:

    Dear Diane. Yes, our soldiers due deserve better as they not only risk their lives, but their families never really knowing if they will ever return home again. That is tragic, I hate war. But, all I am asking is that we give just a bit more of our hearts to people so desperate that they are willing to cross shark-infested waters in nothing more than a raft to live in freedom. Truly, I wonder how Castro has held his grip on this island for so long and the misery he has caused millions.

  5. Floridalife says:

    I agree with Diane,

    This is ridiculous! They need to pack them up and catapult them back to Cuba! This is exactly what happens to Haitian immigrants who come here illegally. I guess there is a major disparity in South Florida because of the Spanish culture overruning this place!

    1. ed cosentno says:

      Dear Floridalife, Have you ever had a fight with yourself? I have- every day living in Florida. So much of our society is unfair. My mind says- they are getting benefits, relief, help. and not even legal residents or citizens? My heart says, forget about all that. In the end, we are all still children of God- that is when my heart wins. Yes, it is often a tough battle which I lose everyday: gladly.

  6. Floridalife says:

    Here’s what will happen…

    They will get to stay, they will get $10K each, they will receive free medical and dental, very few will learn English, if any, and they will get pushed into the welfare system and live off the taxpayer for the next several years, if not generations. That’s the reality of it Ed! Don’t get me wrong though, a few will work their butts off too. Miami is known as an illegal immigrant safe haven. They will get help in acquiring under the table jobs and work to make while at the same time, sucking up plenty of benefits that should be afforded to our own citizens. If they want to come here and have our opportunity, the government should put them on the frontlines in Afghanistan for a couple of years. That way they earn the right to these benefits. I can almost bet you that we wouldn’t see one damn boat show up here again from Cuba.

    1. ed cosentino says:

      Dear Floridalife, You may be right- we have seen the patterns before. But, perhaps if we understand their plight a bit more, we can look at Miami’s immigrants in a better light. The longer immigrants are pushed away, the longer it will take them to assimilate- become part of our great American culture. But, I believe this generation of immigrants will not be lost. Rather, one day, when one of our friends, family, or neighbors are in need, they will find this person saving their life, whether on an operating table or pulled out of a submerged car. Perhaps we should give them a chance- allow them to live the American Dream. It dosen’t have to be at our expense, they will pay us back many times over.

      1. Jonathan Kraljic says:

        now we have more people who will work at Burger King, making even more difficult for me to order a whopper without knowing espanol

  7. WHOCARES says:

    Who cares?
    Life isn’t fair. Deal with it. South FL IS Cuba.

    I don’t like it either, but if it’d ever bother me as much as to come and write a comment about it here, I’d MOVE!

  8. Floridalife says:


    You’re exactly right. My stuff will be packed up and ready to roll in a few weeks. Headed to North Florida to get ahead of the wave. I imagine having to leave there in a few years as well, as I’m sure the illegal immigrants will have overrun that area too. Unfortunately, as our taxes will continue to go up no matter where we live, I sitll think about how we’re all paying to ensure these guys have steak and eggs on a daily basis.

  9. downwiththedespot says:

    Any one that wants to be free from a dictator or a despot deserves a chance ask the first pilgrims to this country, do not start thinking like the native Indians now!!
    On the other hand Castro has a business going on for every Cuban he gets rid of he has all this money coming back to him from the refuges sending back money to help their family. He first takes 20% right off the money they send back and them he gives them some worthless paper money in short a at least a 60 % profit for him and his called communist enterprise..there you go get rid of the opposition and make some money ….

  10. Floridalife says:

    To take a page from that idiot Kanye West.

    Miami Hates Black Folks! (Unless you’re D-Wade, CB, or Lebron ofcourse). Haitian will continue to get polar opposite treatment even though their country was run by a dictator too (Baby Doc) and left in utter shambles. I say keep it even and send the Cubans packing as well. That’s fairness to everybody.

  11. GovScott says:

    Ship em back freight collect

  12. ed cosentino says:

    Looks like some young people in the above picture. My son is 7, my daughter 10. What a blessing to have them. The children in the picture have a real tough time ahead of them.

  13. Mat stan says:

    What a joke; risking thier lives for freedom? Coming t the U.S. to get handouts from u.s. taxpayers. You florida clowns are helping ruin the U.S. with your aid to give Cubans all types of benefits that even real citizens are not entitled to. I say ship all you parasites back t Cuba, and give your ill gotten gains to Mexicans. You have ruined Florida and the U.S. You are slime balls.

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