PEMBROKE PINES – (CBS4) – A Pembroke Pines police officer fatally shot a man whom officers describe as acting “violent” and “belligerent.”

On Thursday night, Pembroke Pines police received a call about an intoxicated man in the Normandy subdivision at 9909 NW 20th Street.

When the two officers and two sergeants arrived at the scene, they saw a man armed with a large kitchen knife. The man identified as 24-year-old John McCully refused to follow police orders to stop, police said. The officers used their Tasers to try to control McCully, but when that didn’t work one of the officers shot him.

Police say the officer shot McCully in the chest in order to defend his life. McCully was transported to Memorial Regional Hospital in Pembroke Pines where he later died.

Police say McCully had a history of mental illness. The 36-year-old officer who shot McCully is a six-year veteran of the Pembroke Pines Police Department. He has been placed on administrative leave until the investigation is concluded.

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  1. Joe says:

    How about shooting a leg or the arm holding the gun? but then again 90% of cops only hold a GED!

    1. Gordon says:


      Police are trained to shoot center mass (thats the largest part of the body for all the GED holders). Aiming for a body part is not as easy as it is potrayed on T.V., it is difficult and usually results in innocent bystanders getting shot.

      May I suggest leaving the speculation to the lawyers and you keep serving up those burgers. PS Check your math, 85% of Police hold a GED; NOT!!!!

    2. Christianc1980 says:

      Unfortunately the law does not support any shooting on the arms or legs. As stated in the narrative, “A taser was used” Upon using all your means to stop the person in the adequate level of resistance and the person does not comply, then the officer needs to use the next level including deadly force. In conclusion, it was a good shooting. People should learn to respect, Police are not baby sitters and they will act upon their abilities and what they were trained to do. If you act violent with a deadly weapon to the police then you are not looking good.

      1. Terese Hall says:

        He was mentally ill. The police knew that. It was a steak knife not a gun. Is there not a protocol for the mentally ill? The family called the police for help not to killl him. He was a good kid that had mental problems.

    3. Turion says:


      Notice the story says “they saw a man armed with a large kitchen knife.” A knife Joe, not a gun as you stated. I have a GED and can still read and interpret the story. Seems that education of yours really paid off.

    4. LEO says:

      Anyone who says just shoot them in the arm or leg has obviously never shot a gun… arms and legs aren’t as big as center mass.

  2. edubble says:

    wow on new years eve what a cop could of went for the leg like joe said

  3. Godfatha says:

    Abuse of power, and zero sense of the value of life. Protect and serve does not imply listen or die. The officer used excessive and unnecessary tactics to subdue an obviously disturbed man. There are alternatives to guns. A baton beating, or tear gas. Death is not always the answer you idiots…..

    1. ScorpioSays says:

      These are murderers, plain and simple, they get hired by the only organization that will take them. They are ignorant of rights, history and people in general. The Highway Patrol is a different animal, they are actually educated and good cops at heart.

    2. mry says:

      You read stories like this everyday. The police today are
      trigger happy.’ I would be afraid to say ‘but officer…if I were stopped for a traffic ticker – I might be zapped by a taser or have my head blown off.

  4. MikeA says:

    Sad ending but apparently last resort. Maybe if cops shot more people there would be less crime. :-).

  5. alex says:

    I knew that man he was trying to get his life togther he just got back in to collage i guess drinking got the best of him he was telling me his mom was making him quit drinking. Kind person and good harted R.I.P John

  6. rd says:

    I don’t know what happened, as the Pembroke Pines Police Department seems suspiciously reticent about this matter, but I know from experience and by their reputation, that Pembroke Pines police officers tend to be very violent and thugish.

    It is interesting that there were two sergents present, but a low level officer did the shooting; who was in charge?

    Whatever happened, you can be sure of a coverup…there are no procedures (genuine procedures, I mean, there are pretend procedures) to prevent, no punish, abuse by the police. Unless the State Attorney’s office investigates, which it wont, the public will never even know what happened.

    1. Christianc1980 says:

      It seems that u r taking this personal. I guess for ur eyes everyone is a great citizen…… Right. I guess the videos we see on the news where someone goes into a bank with a gun is not real. Maybe the police can sit and talk to the bank robbers and make them realize that what they are doing is wrong.

  7. jen says:

    Thank God another nut case is off the streets

    1. Kate says:

      Jen, please do not pass judgement without knowing who you are talking about. It is very hurtful when uninformed people like yourself post such cruel comments. You are also only reading one side of the story. Johnny was a family member who was very kind hearted. Just recently, he was going back to school and trying to get a job. RIP John you will be missed.

      1. Tina says:

        Having had the misfortune of knowing a violent mental case in my own personal life, even tho he was “a good man” in his lucid moments, there was NOTHING anyone could do to stop his violent outbursts – short of what this officer was FORCED to do.

      2. rd says:

        Tina, how do you know the officer was “FORCED”? If he truly had to shoot the man, the other 3 officers would most likely have shot him as well.

        Im not saying all cops are bad, some are very nice, but some are cold killers. The problem is that with the culture of the police, we are not allowed to separate them….they all “have” to be assumed to be good people, but many of them are not.

        Just about anyone who works regularly with policemen, dislike, distrust, and even despise them.

        We will never know the truth of what happened here, because the police will always back each other up NO MATTER WHAT.

      3. J.T.M. says:

        NOT THIS TIME !
        Officer will be going to pirson for a long time !

    2. mry says:

      Show some compassion for this disturbed man. Please tell me you’re not in the medical field.

      1. mry says:

        The above comment was for ‘jen’, not for ‘rd’..’rd’ is on the right track!

    3. Terese Hall says:

      Shame on you Jen. You do not know the pain this family is going through. I do!!! They are good people…where is your compassion. You are the problem not the solution.

    4. Bob says:

      How can you say something like that Jen? Do you have no heart. What if that was your child?

    5. FB says:

      Can only hope this happens to one of your family members , or something like this , I can share in the comfort that it will .

  8. Mary says:

    I don’t much like or trust the police, BUT they are entitled to go home after work, alive, and with all ten fingers still attached. I pity the man who got shot, his family, and the cop who was forced to shoot him. A nightmare for everyone involved.

  9. John J says:

    HEY HALL: FYI: The officers used their Tasers to try to control McCully, but when that didn’t work one of the officers shot him…THIS WAS TAKEN STRAIGHT FROM THE STORY..WHICH ONE ARE U READING? Now, I am not an english major, but based on the story they used a taser and whether or not it missed is not an issue. If you carefuly read my comment, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE A TAZER IF A PERSON HAS A KNIFE! clear now? RD, I did not have to be present to come to a professional/expert conclusion to based on the current facts. FYI I am a trainer in defensive tactics… and most citizens with common sense (even without this training) will problably come to the same conclusoin.

    1. Terese Hall says:

      Shame on you John J.! Do you always believe what you read in the newspapers? Get the facts before you open you big mouth.

  10. Jon E says:

    John J, hope you get shot for thinking you know everything.

  11. J.T.M. says:

    What you read is not always fact, and since the family did not want to comment , the Police published there report to the paper.The Police would have gotten away with the statement that is everybody is commenting on .The family is grieving John’s death / murder at this time , and awaiting all final Investigational reports and final reports from the Medical Examiners . The family is also waiting to see what the State Attorneys office will do , and what type of criminal charges will be brought upon the Officer and Sergeant that were there at time of the time of the shooting The police were at no time under and danger of John McCully, the closes there were even to him , was 6 to 10 feet at all times , that is why they missed both times with their Teaser Guns , the police never told John to put down the a weapon (little butter/ steak knife) that he had and fact their was no verbal communication with him at all, they stormed the house , and ending it all by shooting him in the his Back .

  12. fb says:

    The Family has hired a Private Investigator working with a Law firm to make sure all evidence is not tamped with and presented to the District Attorney’s Office , for a Grand Jury hearing .Charge are pending on the out come of the hearing , furthermore Charges will be brought against the City of Pembroke Pines Police Department and Criminal charge against the officer that shoot John McCully in the Back.