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I guess, in a way, I should be flattered, since it shows you all are reading the blog. The letters, the emails, the Facebook posts…all saying the same thing… “Jason, you’re being a chicken!”

Even my own mother threw her own special brand of Jewish mother guilt on me for my actions. What did I do that was so, in the words of Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, so “wussy”? Take a look at the first round of bowl picks between myself and Timbo…go ahead, I’ll give you a minute……………

That’s right, I picked the same games as Mr. Kephart so that we would be tied going into this final week. I’m not proud of my actions, considering that one of the games I went against my own brain, and I could have extended my lead. But, as we enter the final stage of the 2010 college football season (and yes, that sound you hear is me crying uncontrollably), I will assure you of this one fact, my loyal blog-ettes: There will be an outright champion in our picks, as I, with a four game lead, have picked FIVE different games then Senor Kephart. You can’t be a champion without taking risk. Let’s get this party started!

Jason This Season: 102-51(.667) Last Week: 5-3
Tim This Season: 98-55 (.641) Last Week: 5-3

Meineke Car Care Bowl: USF vs. Clemson – Lets play a quick game…name the team with their offense in the top 90 of college football’s bowl subdivision. Ha…it’s a trick question: neither one is. I have a feeling that this one could easily end up being a 3-0 game and arguably the most boring one of the season, even for a defensive guy like me.
Jason and Tim’s Pick: Clemson

Liberty Bowl: Georgia vs. UCF – So this brings up a good question…is a middle of the road team from a major conference far superior to the champions of a mid-major? With all do respect to the seemingly all Miami-Dade County lineup that the Knights have going this year, I say yes.
Jason and Tim’s Pick: Georgia

Sun Bowl: Miami vs. Notre Dame – I simply refuse to use the old slogan from this game, in part because everyone else seems to use it, and I don’t follow trends. So in this edition of the “Incarcerated Individuals vs. Mass attendees” rivalry, you have two former elite teams trying to stay relevant. It’s a sad truth, but a truth nonetheless. Personally, I think Notre Dame is a more talented team, but they have no match for the pure speed that the Hurricanes are going to bring to El Paso.
Jason and Tim’s Pick: Miami

Chick-Fil-A Bowl: Florida State vs. South Carolina – I was perfectly fine with not being able to go to this game, until my colleague Kim Bokamper let me know the media gets unlimited chicken sandwiches…darn it! When you look at these two teams, the similarities are scary. The records, the way they lost the games and the teams they lost too, the quarterbacks that underperform, but at any moment can blowup, the young playmakers, and the defenses that one week decide to do work and the next week give up. For many, this game is a coin flip, and in part is considered to be the best non-BCS game of the season. You know where I’m going with this…’Noles bring home win #10.
Jason and Tim’s Pick: Florida State

Outback Bowl: Florida vs. Penn State – Joe Paterno, who some might believe led union troops in the Civil War, looks to ruin the Gators finale for their head coach Urban Meyer, who if he were Jewish would not be old enough to have had his bar mitzvah yet. Something’s not right there, but I digress. While not as bad as one of the afore mentioned bad offensive battles, these are two teams trying to find their offensive identities just in time for the season to end. The Gators defense is going to feast on the former walk on JoePa is trotting out as his signal caller, but their offense is still going to try and be too creative by using all three quarterbacks. Much like it has all year, I think that nips the Gators in the backside.
Jason’s Pick: Penn State    Tim’s Pick: Florida

***UPSET OF THE WEEK***Capital One Bowl: Alabama vs. Michigan State – While I don’t condone gambling, I must give you a helpful tip…if you can still find a line that is giving the Spartans ten or more points, take it! Even though it has a lot of the same talent that had the Tide hoisting the national championship just one year ago, the fire that Nick Satan…sorry, Saban, had lit under their backsides has seemed to have gone out. Michigan State, meanwhile is coming into the game after one of their best regular season in school history, and is mad as hell about being left out of the BCS.
Jason’s Pick: Michigan State    Tim’s Pick: Alabama (Editor’s Note: (i.e. Tim) If I could get a 10 point line with the Spartans as the underdog, I’d take it too)

Rose Bowl: TCU vs. Wisconsin – I have a strange suspicion that this could be the best of all five BCS games, including the National Championship game. I’m not going to lie to you, blog-ettes…I have added a 4th college football love this season. First, of course, is anything relating to FSU, a distant second being LSU’s helmets and third is Oregon’s mascot. Add the Horned Frogs of Texas Christian to the list. While everyone was on Boise State as the mid-major dreamboat this year, I was the one saying TCU was better, and I still think they could give both Oregon and Auburn a game if they were to play. Wisconsin is going to try and win this game on the ground, and they have a massive O-Line to do it. Make sure you are by a TV for this one.
Jason’s Pick: TCU   Tim’s Pick: Wisconsin

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma vs. UConn – Look, I know what everyone is saying…that the Sooners are going to roll in this one, that a 8-4 Huskies team is a prime example of why the BCS is useless, and all of that may be true. But let’s remember the last two times Bob Stoops and friends went to the desert as heavy favorites…the Sooner Schooner did its own trail of tears back to Norman after being upset by Boise State and West Virginia. Now, that I’ve built their hopes up, UConn gets crushed.
Jason and Tim’s Pick: Oklahoma

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Stanford – Initially, the people in orange jackets might have been a little worried about being an after though in this years bowl picture. With the arrival of these teams, there is no chance of that happening. I can not wait to see Andrew Luck in person in this match-up as he solidifies his resume for possibly being the number one pick in next years’ NFL draft. As great as Luck is, and trust me he is, the Cardinal have not faced a defense remotely near the talent, skill, and speed of the Hokies. Frank Beamer’s bunch is playing as hot as any team in college football right now, and if they can pressure Luck and make him uncomfortable, they have a legit shot of pulling off the upset.
Jason’s Pick: Virginia Tech    Tim’s Pick: Stanford

Sugar Bowl: Ohio State vs. Arkansas – When this matchup came out, Buckeye nation started freaking out about facing another SEC team in a big bowl. Part of Jim Tressell might wish that his five players were suspended for this game, so he had a convenient excuse for this year’s let down. Defense will be at a premium in this one, as OSU signal caller Terrelle Pryor and Razorback quarterback Ryan Mallett are going to be throwing the ball all night long. Bring some extra drinks and chips to the couch…you’re going to be there a while.
Jason and Tim’s Pick: Ohio State

Cotton Bowl: Texas A&M vs. LSU – Normally, I have a problem with a non-BCS game being played after January 1st, but this is an intriguing match-up. Will the luck run out for the Tigers, who seem to be on borrowed time this season and still managed a ten win campaign. As for the Aggies, they surprised many outside of College Station as a force to be reckoned with. The Aggies enjoy their position on the national stage for the night.
Jason and Tim’s Pick: Texas A&M

BCS National Championship Game –
Auburn vs. Oregon: As much grief as the BCS gets, and most of it is justifiable, this match-up as the makings of being one for the ages. Oregon comes into this one enjoying an offense that could go down in history as one of the best of all time. It might be just me, but when I see LaMichael James running, all that goes through my mind is all those old Barry Sanders highlights against the Bucs back in the day. For Auburn, two words need to be said: Cam Newton. The turnaround has been completed for the quarterback, and whether or not you agree that he knew nothing of his dad’s actions, that in no way has anything to do with him on the field. The same argument applied toward Stanford in the Orange Bowl can be applied here to Oregon…they have not faced a defense close to Auburn’s this year. As I have said for weeks, and will say it again here: Call me crazy, but Auburn will win this game by at least 17 points.
Jason’s Pick: Auburn Tim’s Pick: Oregon

(A Note From Tim: Personally, I want to say thanks to Jason. Yeah, he’s given me grief and will more than likely end up winning the overall pick-off, but he’s picked up a major amount of slack as I’ve been working on making the transition and bug cleanups of the new site. Hopefully, FSU and Missouri can both come back strong next season and meet in a bowl matchup next year. But, back to the issue at hand, thanks Jason and great job.)


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