MIAMI (CBS4) – A new study from the Kaiser Foundation is giving a grim view of the state of health insurance in the country as the new GOP leadership in the House of Representatives prepares to try and systematically dismantle health care reform.

According to the study, the number of nonelderly uninsured Americans stood at 50 million in 2009. That was an increase of 4.3 million people from the previous year. The reason behind the decline was believed to be the economic collapse of the Great Recession.

The 9.8 percent unemployment coincided with the increase of nonelderly uninsured Americans because the majority of that demographic receive health insurance through their employers. As jobs disappeared and firings increased, the uninsured population grew.

Nearly one-third of Americans between the ages of 19 and 29 years old now are uninsured. A total of nearly 20 percent of Americans now lack health care.

Overall, according to the Huffington Post, the number of uninsured Americans is now greater than the population of Spain.

Not only were the uninsured impacted, but the average annual premium paid by workers for health insurance rose 30 percent in 2010.

The study found that more than three-quarters of the uninsured come from working families and that four in ten of the uninsured are individuals and families who are poor (incomes less than the federal poverty line).

The Kaiser Foundation report also found that the lack of insurance is also preventing causing one-quarter of those without insurance from getting needed medical care in 2009.

In addition, in 2010, 27 percent of uninsured adults used up all or most of their savings paying medical bills. Nearly 50 percent of uninsured households had $600 or less in total assets, excluding cars and/or a house.

The cost of uninsured to taxpayers in 2008 also jumped to $57 billion in 2008 and 75 percent of the total ($42.9 billion) was paid by federal, state, and local governments, the study found.

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  1. code 1 says:

    NO ONE SHOULD BE GUARANTEED ANYTHING ! ! ! ! Why should medical insurance be free ???? If you work, you are paying medicare fees till you reach 65, THEN Medicare takes over, BUT till then YOU are responsible for your own, THAT IS IF YOU WANT IT !!!!! You should NEVER be forced to have to get insurance. REPEAL OBAMA CARE ! ! ! ! ! !

  2. RYAN says:


  3. MARIANN says:

    i guess insuring your clunker or your old hut is more important then insuring your health or the one of your children lol

    BE MADE TO PAY INTO THE POT according to their income

    guess who is paying for the uninsured YOU

    piss on the “best healthcare in the world” if 5o millions can only afford
    it after a hangnail has turned into a tumor
    go to the ER and sit in a full room of people who can not afford to go
    and see a doctor….YOU WILL BE WAITING ALSO
    this system stinks and is a disgrace to any country that is why NO industrialist country besides the US has it!!!
    by the way, I DO HAVE INSURANCE but so far have not come to the
    point where i do not give a …about my “brothers” maybe soon I will join
    the “i got mine and that is enough for me” crowd.

  4. Russ Jones says:

    The story should be about 50 million VOTERS! When will these fat cat Republicans start working for the people?

  5. Tom says:

    Yet Republicans think nothing needs fixing. Amazing! I guess none of them need to worry about us in the middle class or lower though.

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