By Gary Nelson

MIAMI (CBS4) – Friends and relatives grieved Monday for a 14 year-old boy, killed when he was struck by a car, then pinned against another as he skateboarded across a four-lane street in Miami.

Sebastian Tellez was hit square-on by the driver of a Toyota SUV traveling west on Northwest 7th Street. The Toyota then crashed head-on into a Dodge van, pinning the boy between the two vehicles.

A fire truck Monday washed the blood from the street where the accident happened.

Miami Police department traffic homicide investigator Joseph Kennedy said the probe was on-going, but it appeared the Toyota driver was unable to avoid the collision that came as the youngster darted across the roadway in mid-block just after dark Sunday.

“He was riding his skateboard across the roadway instead of walking it across at the intersection. Unfortunately, he was struck,” Kennedy said.

If the teenager failed to see the oncoming traffic, it’s possible he also did not hear it. He had headphones in his ears, and may have been carrying on a cell phone conversation.

The driver of the Toyota was a woman on her way to a nearby Walgreens. The driver of the van was on his way to Miami International Airport to catch a plane.

At the dead boy’s home, 19 blocks from the accident scene, an aunt said the family was devastated.

“He was a straight-A student. He was a good kid, he had many friends,” said a weeping Myrna Rivera. “He’s looking down now and he’s in a better place and all of us are grieving for him.”

The school system dispatched grief counselors to Kinloch Park Middle School where Tellez was an eighth grader.

“Everyone is sad about it in our school, people are crying. Some people are angry,” said fellow eighth grader Grethel Delgado.

Dernis Dalacio said Tellez had invited him to go skateboarding Sunday afternoon, but he was unable to join him.

“When I heard he passed away, I felt terrible.” Dalacio said.

At the victim’s home, relatives said the tragedy provides lessons about life and death.

“I want these kids to know, you’ve got to use the crosswalk,” said the aunt, Myrna Rivera. “You’ve got to use the sidewalk, because you can’t put your parents through this. You’ve go to be home on time,” she said, sobbing. “When your parents tell you to do something, you do it.”

The dead boy’s stepfather had told him Sunday not to stay out after dark.


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