MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) — The man accused of shooting and killing a handyman during an eviction proceeding on South Beach Monday was being evicted by his own father.

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Joseph Daniel Richer, 44, is accused of emptying his handgun in a barrage that killed 60-year-old Alberto Gomez, a handyman who had been hired to help in the eviction.

Court documents and building management confirm that Richer was being evicted by his father, Charles Richer of Aventura. Condominium association president Javier Gonzalez stressed Tuesday that Gomez was hired by a private party to assist in the eviction and was not an employee of the condominium association.

“This was a matter between a father and son, and had nothing to do with the building,” Gonzalez told CBS4 News. “None of our employees were involved.”

A Miami-Dade police officer who was attempting to execute the eviction shot and wounded Richer, who police said was seriously wounded but would survive. He has not yet been formally charged, because he remains hospitalized.

Police said the officer was taken to the hospital with minor injuries “as a precaution,” and that a second worker assisting in the eviction received what turned out to be a gunshot wound or graze to the hand. Earlier police said they did not know exactly how the man’s hand was injured.

The father and son bought the condo, on the second floor of the building at Ocean Drive and Fifth Street, together in the early 2000’s. They engaged in court wrangling over the unit for the last several years.

Joseph Richer, who lived in the condo alone, had not made mortgage payments for years. The father subsequently obtained sole ownership of the condo and was attempting to sell it.

Court records reviewed by CBS4 News show Charles Richer obtained an eviction order against his son in October.

Joseph Richer was a regular at Ted’s Hideaway, a bar on South Beach just a few blocks from the Condo.

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“It just doesn’t make any sense at all,” manager Bob Mack told CBS4 News of Richer’s allegedly murderous rage. “We all liked him. He was never a problem. It’s just a total surprise and shock.”

Kristen Barfield said Richer never spoke of any problems with his father, and did not mention the looming eviction.

“He was a really good listener,” Barfield said. “He was a good person to go to if you needed advice. He was really thoughtful.”

“He was an intelligent, nice guy,” Mack added.

Mack and Barfield said Richer told them he was an attorney, but apparently was not practicing. Gonzalez, the condo president, said he also understood that Richer was a lawyer.

Richer’s father spoke briefly by telephone with CBS4 News, declining to comment.

“I am grieving,” Charles Richer said.

Miami-Dade court records show Joseph Richer had one prior arrest, in 2004, for disorderly intoxication.

Gomez, the handyman who was shot to death, is a Colombian immigrant who friends say worked hard to send money to his family back home. Friends told CBS4 News he had no relatives in Miami.

A daughter in New York has told the Colombian consulate she would like for her father to be buried in Miami.

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CBS4’s news partner, the Miami Herald, contributed to this report.