Miami is one of the worst cities in the country to find employment, according to

Juju aggregates job listings, releases a monthly Job Search Difficulty Index, which measures how tough it is to find employment in 50 major cities around the country. Miami ranks as one of the worst right along with Las Vegas and New Orleans.

To gauge the level of job-finding difficulty, Juju divides the number of unemployed workers in each city, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by the number of jobs in their index of online job postings.

“If you look back to November 2009, the average number of unemployed people per job posting was 6.5. This year it is 3.19,” Juju Vice President Brendan Cruickshank told “This indicates that the market has gotten significantly better.”

According to the Juju site there currently are 892 jobs open in Miami paying from $8 to $60, but for every job posting in Miami, there are 8.5 unemployed people. Los Angeles and New Orleans have about 6.3 and 4 job seekers per advertised job, respectively.

The site blames the eco-crippled tourism industry for the job slump in those areas.

But there are 20 fields that are reporting job growth, according to Forbs: Employment services, Healthcare, Restaurants, Retail, Mining, Religious and nonprofit groups, Salespeople and customer-service reps, Computer systems design, Transit and ground transportation, Hotels, Federal government, Management, Performing arts and recreation, Warehousing, Oil and gas extraction, Rail transportation, Waste management, Web portals and Internet publishing, Management and technical consulting.