By Ted Scouten

BOCA RATON (CBS4) — A Lynn University student was arrested Thursday on second degree felony charges that allege he made threats to commit a “Columbine style” attack on his social networking page.

Daniel Alexander Shana, 20, of Barrington RI, was charged with with two counts of written threats to kill or do bodily injury and with two counts of threats; extortion through written communication. Both crimes are second degree felonies.

He was being held on a $10,000 bond.

It began when Boca Raton Police were notified that a student who had posted threats on Facebook was missing and that he was going to recreate a Columbine High School-type event.

Shana was found on campus and told officers that he did not intend to hurt anyone and that he was just tired of people picking on him, according to Boca Police Spokeswoman Sandra Boonenberg.

After speaking to Shana’s Facebook friend and former girlfriend who had read the posts, officers made copies of the posts that included claims that he had just purchased a Ruger SR9c 9 mm pistol and signed up for a firearms license.

Shana allegedly made specific threats against his former girlfriend and her new boyfriend, who both told police they are afraid for their safety.

“They were concerned that it wasn’t just talk,” explained Boca Raton Police Spokesman Mark Economou. “He was making it sound like he was actually in the process of pulling off a Columbine style attack.”

Detectives also searched Shana’s computer and say they found evidence that showed Shana had searched for firearm licensing information, researched cheap firearms, and viewed several Columbine High School shooting videos.

Shana’s attorney said the student had no intention of hurting anyone and feels pretty stupid right now, that he was drunk when he made the posts.

“I think if you asked Daniel, he wouldn’t know what it means,” said his attorney David Edelstein. ” because he was three sheets to the wind when he wrote that. It’s unintelligible, it’s illogical and I think it was just blabber of a young kid under the influence of alcohol.”

Shana has been taken to a mental health facility for evaluation.

Ted Scouten