Miami (CBS4) – A little more than two weeks after the voters decided to make a change, new commissioners were sworn-in for the Miami-Dade Commission. The swearing-in ceremony was held by Miami-Dade Commission chairman Dennis Moss.

All of the emphasis of the thirteen member commission was on the new faces that took office Tuesday.

A standing ovation was given to newly-elected District 2 Comissioner Jean Monestime, who defeated incumbent commissioner Dorrin Rolle in November’s election. He’s the first Haitian-American elected to the Miami-Dade Commission.

“I’m here to remind you that Miami is still the magic city,” Commissioner Monestime said. “The United States of America is still the land of opportunity. If you’d like confirmation of this fact, look at me, I’m the proof.”

Monestime’s victory over Rolle marked the first-time an incumbent had been ousted from the commission since 1994.

Also taking her oath Tuesday was Lynda Bell. The former Homestead mayor will take the seat held by Katy Sorenson, who retired before the election. Bell said she wanted to work towards a more effective and efficient commission and county.