MIAMI (cbs4) – A grandmother and her 9-month old grandchild were hurt Monday morning after a car smashed into a Miami post office.

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It happened at the Shenandoah postal facility located at 1800 Coral Way just before 9 a.m.

A 75-year-old woman was walking out of the post office while pushing the baby in a stroller when a silver Toyota came crashing through the glass front doors.

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“When the vehicle came back up on the sidewalk it carried the grandmother and the baby in the stroller inside the building. Once they went through the doors and it impacted another wall that’s when the baby was ejected from the stroller,” said Miami Rescue spokesman Lt. Ignatius Carroll.

The baby was thrown from the stroller and the elderly woman ended up on top of the car, according to Lt. Carroll. The baby’s grandfather suffered a cut to his leg when he tried to jump out of the way of the car.

Ramilia Enfonte, 66, who was behind the wheel of the Toyota, was understandably distraught after the crash. She told police she was trying to leave the post office and merge into traffic on Coral Way when she looped back into the post office and went through the glass front doors.

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The baby was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s pediatric department for treatment. Both the grandmother and child were pretty shaken up but they will be okay.