DAVIE (CBS4) – A traffic stop at a Davie BBQ restaurant ended in the shooting of Hugh Barrington Smith after he allegedly became confrontational with police and began ramming their cars with the Honda he was driving.

Smith, 37, had an extensive criminal history, according to Broward Sheriff’s Office Spokesman Mike Jachles.

The shooting took place after Smith was pulled over by police into the parking lot of Georgia Pig restaurant at 1285 South State Road 7 in the late afternoon. Smith, Jachles said in a release, immediately became confrontational, causing police to use a taser.

Things escalated when Smith, who had been under a multi-agency investigation, became violent and began ramming patrol cars, causing the police to open fire on him. Multiple police agencies had responded to the scene and include BSO, Ft. Lauderdale Police Department and Miramar Police Department.

Smith, wounded, in his attempt to escape drove his car into a small wooded area a couple of blocks away in the 4400 block of Davie Boulevard and Peters Road. He was found dead in the car when police approached it. Also found inside was a large quantity of narcotics, police say, and $46,000 cash.

BSO has placed one deputy who was involved in the shooting on administrative leave, which is standard department practice when anyone is involved in a shooting.

Restaurant owner Wayne Anderson had a front row seat to the ordeal and said Friday the police were there “awhile,” then “everything went bad.”

Anderson said he heard people outside raising their voices and then shots being fired. He said the driver of the car forced his way out.

“(The driver) was crashing into the police cars to get out,” Anderson told CBS 4’s Carey Codd.

Pieces of a deputy’s car and of the other car were lying in the driveway. A spent taser also was lying on the sidewalk.

Car salesman Eddie Baquero works down the street from the restaurant. He said he saw the shots being fired.

“We started hearing like firecrackers and we came out, so it was BSO female shooting right straight to the restaurant,” Baquero said. “So, in the beginning like 2-3 shots, then it was 15-20 shots.”

Witnesses say the Honda sped off westbound before crashing just off of Peters Road and 44th Terrace.

Smith’s body was removed from the car Friday evening, which was smashed in the front and side. A deputy’s vehicle with its front fender missing was also removed from the scene.

Whether the driver died from shots being fired or the impact of the accident remains unclear.

The Broward Medical Examiner’s Office will confirm the cause of death.