DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Dalva At The Miami International Airport

June 4, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr miami DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Dalva At The Miami International Airport

“I never want to drive anything else ever again. I love my car!”

The Ride
The Driver: Dalva
Car in Question: 2010 Honda Civic
Spotted at: Miami International Airport, 1640 NW 42nd Ave, Miami, FL 33126
Odometer: 11,436
Car’s Nickname: Clara


Q: Great car. Where did you buy it?

A: The Brickell Honda dealer on Calle Ocho in Little Havana.

Q: What is your favorite feature?

A: What I call, “The Brain,” which is really just the Honda company. I love the way it drives. It’s really smooth.

Q: How much time do you spend in your car? What’s its main use?

A: About thirty-five hours a week. I use it to bring the kids to school, to get to work, to run some errands and go shopping.

Q: Do you listen to music in your car?

A: The radio. The Latin stations. I just dial and look for good music!

Q: How long is your work commute and what route do you take?

A: Depends on the day. On the weekend it takes no more than 15 minutes, but during the week, it sometimes takes half an hour. I take Le Jeune from The Gables straight to the airport.

Q: Where are you from originally?

A: Goiânia, Brazil.

Q: How are the drivers in Brazil?

A: Crazy! They don’t respect signs or signals. They don’t respect pedestrians. They just drive. They go over the sidewalk. I have never driven there. I would never drive there.

Q: How long have you worked for TAM Airlines? What did you do before that?

A: Three years. I was in Brazilian entertainment. I led a group that performed folkloric dance and ran a steakhouse called Brazilian Tropicana.

Q: Would you rather take a 12-hour car drive or a 12-hour flight?

A: Car, definitely!

Photos and interview by Matt Preira

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