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Best Water Parks In South Florida

May 12, 2013 1:00 PM

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You’d think that with the long hot days and year-round sunshine South Florida would host a lot of water parks, but surprisingly, that’s not the case. Three new parks have been announced, but for now, you have a handful of choices or the beach. While it may seem warm all the time here, these parks do have a season. Check their hours before you visit.
rapids park Best Water Parks In South Florida


Rapids Water Park

6566 N. Military Trail
Riviera Beach, FL 33407

Located a bit north of Miami-Ft Lauderdale, Rapids Water Park is a giant wet playground, the the biggest water park from the Keys to Orlando. It has 17 slides, tubes, and pools, including the Lazy River for tubing, the Big Surf wave pool, and the huge Big Thunder, where the whole family can ride a raft down one of the biggest open water slides you’ve ever seen. The park is closed from October to March, and usually open only weekends until school is out. If you need creative ways to get wet, and have a lot of fun in the process, try the Rapids.

grapeland1 Best Water Parks In South Florida

(Source: Miami Parks and Recreation)

Grapeland Water Park

1550 NW 37 Avenue,
Miami, FL 33125
Phone: 305-960-2950

Operated by the City of Miami Parks and Recreation department, Grapeland Water Park offers a number of child-oriented attractions combined with a lagoon pool and a river-style pool. Shipwreck Island is intended for kids 5 and under, and dumps a huge bucket of water on the kids. Pirate’s Plunge, intended for older kids, includes a water slide and another giant bucket. It’s a bit low-key, but still an inexpensive way to have fun in the water.

paradisecove Best Water Parks In South Florida


Paradise Cove Water Park

CB Smith Park
900 N. Flamingo Rd.
Pembroke Pines, FL 33028

Part of the Broward County park system, Paradise Cove is located inside CB Smith park. Crazy Creek offers a 410-foot-long tube ride with interactive play elements along a curved route. Parrot’s Point is for kids 5 and under, is a shallow pool that includes two waterslides, and  Sharky’s Lagoon has an 18-inch-deep pool that includes three waterslides that are 83 feet, 98 feet, and 125 feet long. H2Whoa! has two 450-foot water slides. Don’t wat to get wet? The lake at the park offers boat rentals. Closed from November-March.

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  • R. Garcia, Miami, FL

    Rapids has a weight limit on some of their rides. I heard if you weigh more than 250lbs. (they have a scale) they’ll make you walk down the stairs (in shame). C.B. Smith’s water park is great & they have two “adult” water slides & Grapeland does not have any “adult” slides. Also, Rapids is about $40 pp & C.B. Smith is only $10 pp. Of course, teenagers would prefer Rapids. If your children are 10 & under, then C.B. Smith is great.

    • Mike

      Never saw a scale or heard of this before. But if you are over 250 lbs you shouldnt be at a water park anyway. You should be at a gym, and thats real.

      • Cristina

        Perhaps you should learn to throw in apostrophes, instead of your two cents.

      • Brianna

        Mike and TZGCat ruined my good time on Internet Explorer. :(! Go back to school and leave the comments for intelligent people. We don’t want you guys to get a headache trying to think of what an apostrophe is.

      • TZGCat

        Lack of apostrophes aside, he does have a point Cristina. Nobody wants to see that. You are just ruining everybody elses good time.

      • CZ

        Mike I agree 10000% fat blobs break the equipment and sorry but its offensive to see amorphous waddling around every where. I’m 36 and i am ripped out have been since a teen and will stay that way why i have discipline. if your at 250 stay home eat more Twinkies and stroke out like you should

      • Blobby

        Must be why you’re such an offensive idiot, the steroids have rotted your brain. You just don’t have the discipline to be civil. But by god, you’re ripped. There’s a life accomplishment!

    • jen

      Yes sadly this is true it happened to me I was humiliated :(

      • Brianna

        Awwww don’t be sad. It will be okay. :D! My fiancee had to go through that too.

      • riley simenson


  • Frank

    for the extra few bucks ( bring your cooler with lunch packed to save money) RAPIDS is the way to go. How many times do you really go throught the summer. CB Smith is second rate to Rapids. And i weigh 235lb and am 6’5″. I have never had a problem nor have seen a scale. My children are 12 and 7 and when they think water park, they think Orlando Blizzard Beach. But locally? RAPIDS.

  • Rachel A

    Unfortunatley, the only waterpark for the older kids is Rapids. Overpriced and crowded, a little rundown but we’re stuck withit. If you want to take a roadtrip to Kissimmee there’s Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, and Aquaitica all much better parks for just a couple bucks more. You can actually bring a cooler inside the park!

    • Mike

      Rapids has unlimited re-entry and the parking lot is RIGHT THERE! just leave the cooler in the car and bam you can get as drunk as you want

  • julio

    hello we are talking about miami, orlando need the warter parks cause its in the middle of hot mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ken h

    I resent that

  • Sheldon Glass

    I remember reading recently that they were going to build a water park off commercial blvd and powerline road for the summer next year



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