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Best Vegetarian Restaurants In South Florida

February 1, 2012 9:01 AM

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Berries In The Grove

(Source: Berries In The Grove)

Meatless in Miami? Yes, despite the thousands of carnivorous offerings it is possible to be treated to the taste of fresh greens, fruits and soy. Feel free to return to the basics and indulge in a meatless meal at several South Florida restaurants that offer more than lard-free servings. They also offer a new way of life.
sublime Best Vegetarian Restaurants In South Florida

(Source: Sublime)


1431 N. Federal Hwy.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
(954) 615-1431

The owner of this restaurant also founded the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida and offers a great variety of dishes without the meats or animal-based cheeses. Popular items on their menu include the Portobello Stack with mashed cauliflower or the vegetarian sushi rolls. The owner, Nanci Alexander, said that “the goal of Sublime is to show that plant-based food can indeed be sublime.” All profits from the restaurant go to organizations that promote animal welfare and vegan lifestyles.

Here Comes The Sun Vegan Restaurant

(Source: Here Comes The Sun)

Here Comes The Sun

2188 Northeast 123rd St
North Miami, FL 33181-2902
(305) 895-6793
*no website*

For healthy food, plentiful portions and a tremendously helpful staff, look no further than Here Comes The Sun. They serve up tasty American, continental fare in addition to vegetarian cuisine. They’re famous for their veggie burger known as the Sunburger, and if you’re not in their neighborhood, they’re willing to deliver.

Berries In The Grove

(Source: Berries In The Grove)

Berries In The Grove

2884 Southwest 27th Avenue
Miami, FL 33133
(305) 448-2111?

Berries In The Grove features a wide variety of health conscious dishes and favorites including hummus with celery, carrots and pita chips and teriyaki tofu.Each night,the restaurant and bar offers several promotions including Ladies Night Thursdays allowing women to sip cocktails for free between 9 to 11 p.m.It began as a juice bar but eventually expanded serving up paninis, wraps and pizza. But beware, this restaurant is not exclusively vegan and also offers steak and lobster.

Last Carrot Vegeterian Restaurant

(Source: Last Carrot)

The Last Carrot

3133 Grand Avenue
Miami, FL 33133-5103
(305) 445-0805

The vegan-friendly restaurant offers sandwiches, salads, smoothies and juices and the selection includes shots of wheat grass and fresh fruit drinks like carrot, beet and celery to their own concoction they refer to as “grasshopper juice”. Don’t worry, they promise the juice is completely insect-free. For dessert, the Last Carrot offers vegan cookies and “better than ice-cream” fruit freezes.

Green Wave Cafe

(Source: Green Wave Cafe)

Green Wave Cafe

5221 West Broward Blvd
Plantation, Fl. 33317
(954) 581-8377

They offer a wide variety in their impressive menu of appetizers, salads, soups, nori rolls, pizza, desserts, smoothies, and juices. A good portion the menu is also entirely raw. What’s different about this vegan restaurant is that it also offers cooking classes and encourages a raw food diet for everyone including people with diabetes.

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  • Rachel

    It’s spelled vegetarian!

  • Cheryll

    I have eaten at both Sublime and Green Wave. I am a regular customer at Green Wave…the food is great. Sublime opens for dinner only and is great for date night!

  • shari

    The best vegetarian restaurant is The Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin. The food is awesome,

  • sallie

    you arent an AMERICAN if you dont eat meat….i know my lord & saviour ate meat & ate every bit of it….no leftovers…then HE decided to leave the rest to all HIS followers….if it was good enough for HIM….good enough for me….how do vegens look their Pastors in the face when they go to church..

    • Mira8

      are you nuts or trying to be funny?

    • Caleb

      I’m a Christian too…but you are a very immature one…please do not leave comments like these…this is not drawing people towards Christ, but away.

  • Heather

    One other place with great vegan/vegetarian choices is Pizza Fusion. It may be a little pricey , but they have excellent/healthy options and BONUS they are earth friendly. They had a program that if you brought back the pizza box, you got a discount. Even my meat eating hubbie said that Pizza Fusion was a nice alternative to the typical greasy cheese and /or meat pizza. And we were very impressed by the service and friendliness of the staff. I raise my children to have respect for the planet, and love that a place we eat at helps to enrich those teachings. I went vegetarian quite some time ago due to severe stomach problems, it seemed like every time I ate meat I would throw up, on a hunch, I gave it up and the problems went away. There are just too many risks meat. Even if you’re a meat eater like my hubbie, try to go a couple nights meatless, pasta, veggie, fruits, etc. I think you will like how you feel and love saving money.

  • mimi lc

    I ate from Here comes the sun, It’s a great restaurant. I ate my first veggie burger from there.

  • Don

    Next time you come up with a list of the best vegetarian restaurants, perhaps listing VEGETARIAN restaurants–and vegetarian restaurants only–will give your list a bit more weight.

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