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Best South Florida Dog Parks

November 8, 2012 9:00 AM

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South Florida’s beautiful year-round weather makes it a perfect place to live and play with your pooch. Socializing and playing not only makes you happy and healthy, it makes your dog happy and healthy too!
dogpark1 Best South Florida Dog Parks


Bark Park at Amelia Earhart Park

401 East 65 Street
Opa-Locka, Fl. 33054
(305) 953-6024

The five-acre Bark Park is completely fenced and offers a separate section for smaller dogs. Amenities include paved walkways, benches, shade trees, waste dispenser stations, and specially designed drinking and spray fountains for dogs and their owners. Bark Park admission is free.

eastgreynolds1 Best South Florida Dog Parks


Northeast Regional Dog Park at East Greynolds Park

16700 Biscayne Boulevard
Aventura, FL 33160
(305) 945-3425

The Northeast Regional Dog Park at East Greynolds Park, very popular among dog owners in the area, is 1.76 acres and is divided into two sections, one for small dogs and another for larger dogs. The two sections feature fencing, landscaping, walkways, shade structures, site furniture, hosing stations, water fountains for both pets and owners, and “Mutt Mitts” or bag dispensers and waste baskets so owners can pick up after their dog.

tropicalpark1 Best South Florida Dog Parks


Tropical Park

7900 SW 40 Street
Miami, FL. 33155
(305) 226-8316

The two-acre dog park is divided into two areas, one for larger dogs weighing over 35 pounds and one for smaller dogs weighing less than 35 pounds. Both areas feature play equipment, such as a tire jump, window jump, king-of-the-hill ramp, dog walk and others. It also features dog comfort stations with doggy drinking fountains and water sprays, pooper scoopers, and a shade structure that overlaps both sides. There’s a promenade overlooking a lake, park benches along the promenade, plenty of shade and flowering trees, and a common area for dog owners with water fountains and an informational kiosk. A walkway connects all areas of the dog park and makes it ADA accessible.

barkhamatmarkham11 Best South Florida Dog Parks


Barkham at Markham Dog Park

16001 W. State Rd. 84
Sunrise, FL 33326
(954) 357-8868

Barkham at Markham is a three-acre, fenced-in area, designed as a space for dogs to play leash-free. It includes sections for both large and small dogs, and it was the first dog park in the County landscaped with Bermuda sod to provide a smooth, even grassy playing surface. Owner amenities include 8-foot-wide asphalt paths for walking or jogging with your pet, as well as three shelters for resting areas. Two shelters feature fountains dispensing chilled water for humans, while dogs have their own fountains in designated areas. There is also an area for washing dogs of all sizes.

steveng1 Best South Florida Dog Parks


The Dr. Steven G. Paul Dog Park

2915 Sportsplex Drive
Coral Springs, FL 33067
(954) 346-4428

This park is free and open from 7:30 am to 9 pm to all well-mannered dogs and responsible owners. The park features large and small dog fenced areas, agility training equipment, a watering area, a paved running path, and “pooper scooper” bag dispensers.

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  • Colombi Arango

    Thanks for the information. We live in south Kendall and have only one small park where they mix big and small dogs. But now we can our dog to one of the big parks so she can run all she wants.

    Thanks again.

  • Annmarie

    thank you for posting the Amelia Earhart first! I go every Saturday, the woman who manages that park is a wonderful person and works very hard to keep it beautiful. She is retiring this year, hopefully they will find someone who has the same dedication to it as she did. Its been the nicest park I have been to in years, and my dogs love it there. You can let your dogs roam free and know they are safe.

  • me no likey

    Yeah, but they all smell like poop! All I hear when I walk by is yelping and people arguing about their dogs fighting or playing rough. The smell is horrible too. Even the ones with poop bags. Can’t we do something better with the space?

    But hey, at least it is one less chance that these stupid owners will let them crap on your lawn. Not all owners, of course, but a majority seem to think it is ok. I want to enjoy my grass without poo all over it.

    • Concern

      I think you need some therapy help. If you does not like dogs is fine. but this parks do a wonderful service to responsible dog owner, Is a great area to socialize with people with similar interest and to exercise your dog. It should be more parks available to people and their pets and closer . Smell? Have you been in one?
      We the people who own dogs and pay taxes like to see our money invested in this way also. By the way… once they are build normally are maintain by dog owners association. Have you done something good today? Obviously no…

    • MGoss

      There is a park in Okeeheelee that is kept very clean and even closes Wed afternoons to help in keeping it up. No smell and people seem to respect the small dog big dog areas. Located on Forest Hill in WPB

  • essevaughn

    The smell??? In that open outdoor area? Why am I having trouble believing this? We are taxpayers, and I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have a few areas where dogs are welcome. My husband and I were never in the procreation mode– so we haven’t contributed to overcrowding and underfunded education. Save your disdain for something important; god knows, there is a plethora of injustice and misery to be experienced. Oh, and as for the smell that seems to almost cripple you, cross the street.

  • Phyliss June Rinis Myers

    I take my dogs to a park in Plantation off of Peters Road and it is very well kept. There is no smell at all. They have two areas one for large dogs and one for mixed sizes. The only thing I do not like is people bring their dogs knowing they are agressive and think it is funny when their dogs annoy other dogs.

    • Reuven Kerner

      seminole park and recreation area. east of university and peters two lights to 57 ave. south 1 block and left to the park. easy parking. been there many times

      • Reuven Kerner

        park name Happy Tails

  • Noelya

    We have a nice new park in Homestead that has one area for small dogs and another for larger dogs. People are really enjoying it and a lot of dogs are taken there..

  • David C. Black

    Perrine Wayside Dog Park is a really great place! Part of Palmetto Bay, it is fenced, has large dog/small dog sections, concrete paved walkways, a drinking water fountain, a gazebo, benches for the humans to sit while the dogs roam and play freely, and perhaps best, a beautiful swimmin’ hole just for the dogs… if they (and their owners) so choose! Perrine Wayside Park, 16425 South Dixie Highway Palmetto Bay, FL 33157.

    • Sabrina Marie

      LOVE IT!!! Two thumbs up! :-)

  • tony

    Your either assuming , or straight up LYING about the smell ! I’ve got a very sensitive sense of smell and have been to 3 of these Parks and can personally tell you there is NO dog crap “odor” at all ! Peace and God bless

  • prscire

    Ummmm… forget part of South Florida? Anything in Palm Beach County?

  • Jo

    I live in Plantation and take my dog to the “Happy Tails Dog Park” on 16th St south of Peters. It is very well maintained and pleasant, with shade trees and benches for the owners. I also like Snyder Park in Fort Lauderdale , which has a swimming hole for dogs, they love the swimming pond.

  • Anne

    Happy Tails in Plantation is nice, but…there are a couple of problems there..
    There have been several car breakins in the parking lot
    Many small dog owners bring their dog into the large dog park and then complain when they get trampled by the big dogs.
    Some mindless people bring their toddlers or babys in strollers into the large dog park. Very dangerous. In fact stupid. They let them sit on the ground near the poop and wobble along on the sidewalk nearly getting knocked over. One woman actually brought a cat into the park. Very nice place, but the rules need to be enforced and common sense should be used.

  • Habeb Doga

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