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Best Pizza In South Florida

September 25, 2011 1:00 PM

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The big game is on, you have your favorite tasty beverage, but you need the best pie to fully enjoy your night. Whatever you like on your pizza, from cheese to a  these places will have your taste buds happy and your belt tightening.

Pieducks Pizza


1451 S. Miami Ave, #C2, Miami, FL 33130
(305) 808-7888

If you blink while you’re driving past the One Broadway building, you’ll miss Pieducks. It’s traditional, brick-oven pizza, but you can also get gourmet salads and desserts. If you have a tomato fetish, check out the “Major Tom Pie,” which has tomatoes, tomatoes, and more tomatoes on a three cheese pizza. They deliver in downtown and Brickell or you can eat at the restaurant.

Mario the Baker

Mario the Baker

6 locations:
13695 West Dixie Highway, North Miami, (305) 891-7641
250 NE 25th Street, Miami, (305) 438-0228
43 West Flagler Street, Miami, (786) 316-0166

Mario’s been locally owned and in business since 1969, surviving several recessions and Dominos, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s. It’s a South Florida staple where you can get hand-tossed pizza, pasta, sandwiches, salads, and more. The restaurants have their own Italian-feel where you can also check out a game on the flat-screen televisions.

johnthebaker bestof Best Pizza In South Florida

John the Baker

8835 Stirling Road, Cooper City, Florida
(954) 252-0091

Another hand-tossed pizza place that’s been in business since 1960 and owned by the Scinicariello family. It’s another favorite of the newsroom and we’re always glad to see the pizza’s coming. If pizza’s not your thing, check out the homemade pasta or some baked ziti. And make sure, if you make it to John’s, eat several of John’s world famous garlic rolls.

Rey's Pizza

Rey’s Pizza

2482 SW 137th Ave., Miami, FL
(305) 207-1711

If you’re looking for something that is truly a South Florida experience, you can always hit up Rey’s Pizza for some good ol’ homemade Cuban pizza. Rey started out in a flea market before he began opening restaurants across Miami and Hialeah. You can grab your favorite Cuban-flavored pie while also chugging a little shot of Cuban coffee to truly get your taste buds happy and your heart beat racing.

stevespizza bestof Best Pizza In South Florida

Steve’s Pizza

18063 S. Dixie Highway, Miami, FL
(305) 233-4561

Pizza’s so good that it couldn’t simply be held to just five items. This is New York-style pizza at its finest in South Florida. If you’re really ready to aim for the sky, you can reach for a full 23-inch jumbo size pizza. You can also hit up Steve’s for a nice lamb gyro. But, if you are going to get some pies from Steve’s, don’t get it delivered, head to the restaurant for a fun dining experience.

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  • CE6489

    No you have got it all wrong Andiamo is the best pizza in all of south florida. Do your reseacrh next time.

  • Nancy

    Big Cheese in either South Miami or Homestead is the best pizza and Italian food around …

    • Carlos

      This will be a real treat to my boys who can eat pizza earvydey of their life! lol!Willa @ Happy Meals recently posted..

  • Cisnero

    casolas on 17 ave sw, nice new york style.

    • Maurice

      Visiting from Yummy Sunday.I want a slice. No, make that 2. Or maybe a box. I pizza!Mine’s up Enjoy!little_tin_star rletncey posted..

  • Natalie, Miami

    I can’t believe Andiamo is not on here and it should be number 1!!!

  • Michael

    DiSalvo’s rules all

  • Tom

    John the Baker in Cooper City is the Best! The pizza and World Famous Garlic rolls are delicious! We go every Monday night and my daughter gets her face painted by Blueberry the Clown. Very reasonable prices and excellent food!

  • Karen

    Two Brothers Pizza located at Town and Country Mall in Kendall is one of the best pizzas I or my family has ever eaten. Its so good , when my father in law who is a New Yorker comes to visit, his first request is always to stop at Two Brothers!

  • Ben

    Mario the Baker was horrible the two times I tried them. I wouldn’t go back.

  • Moreta

    Definitely Steve’s every time we come back to visit Miami!

  • Big Al

    Frankie’s Pizza on Bird Road isn’t on this list? The list is a joke.

    • Alex

      No frankies on Bird road you got to be kidding me!!!

  • John

    Pieducks is definetly the BEST pizza pie ever served in Miami!!!!!!

  • ams007

    Definitely a Joke. These are nothing but paid for advertisements.

    Steve’s’ (not Palmetto Bay ==> Steve’s in North Miami at 120th and Biscayne) is closest thing to the 5 boroughs in So Fla.

  • Karolyn

    Come on!! Anthony’s Coal Fire isn’t even listed!! This must be some paid advertisement. Either that or the reviewer has no clue about what good food is!! LAME!!!

  • Ed

    Got it wrong. The best pizza in Miami is Frankie’s Pizza located at Bird Road and about 92nd Avenue.

  • Jose R.

    Mario the Baker and Rey’s Pizza don’t belong anywhere near this list. You might as well put domino’s and Pap john’s. I agree Andiamo, Frankie’s, Anthony’s and Miami’s Best Pizza all should be on this list.

  • Bruck

    Anthony’s for sure…The Paul and Young Ron pir ROCKS

  • Tim

    I agree with half of the comments. If Frankies isn’t on the list the list has no credibility. And get Reys off of the list. Miami’s Best and Casola should be there

    • PHinMiami

      I agree 100% !!!!!! Casola’s, Miami’s Best, & Big Cheese! Rey’s Pizza is a joke and uses pre-made shells out of the fridge. This ‘research’ was done by a couple of guys in the newsroom, as stated in #1.

  • Jim

    You have the WRONG Steve’s pizza. Pizza heaven is two slices and a cold beer at Steve’s on US1 just south of 125th Street in North Miami.

  • sergio

    their’s a small hole in the wall in miami springs called “roman’s pizza and that ladies and gentleman is the best pizza in south florida seriously go give it a try 391 north royal poinciana

    or if you in homestead forget about the big cheese and go and try romano’s pizza off us-1 and 320st you wont be sorry

  • Zahira

    who the hell compiled this list???????? Agree Andiamo should be on this list.. the only one who belongs on this list is Pieducks, they’ve got the wrong Steve’s pizza and the others are… meh. Just do not belong on “Best of” at all.

  • Jimbo99

    Steve’s at Biscayne and NE 125th gets my vote.

  • Clo56

    Rey’s Pizza? Are you frikin kidding me? Garbage!! Anthony’s Coal Fire is hands down the best! Their meatball and ricotta is out of this world!!! Reys Pizza?? Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  • Steve

    Slice & Ice Gourmet, 3024 SW 27 Ave Miami is my pick, Steve’s in No. Miami is also up there as well as Frank’s on Bird Rd. Just my .02 cents

  • Christine

    I agree Andiamo all the way

  • wtm

    Mama Mia’s in Homestead has the best pizza!!!

    • Carmen

      kalami basta pizza super love na nako wa na jud ko kaalbik ug Bohol kay nag away mi sa ako cousin hehehe. Anyway, was here for YM. Hope you can visit mine too.A Woman’s Note recently posted..

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