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Elaine Vasquez, organizer, and Erin Sutherland, representative from sponsor Bank of America for Hispanic Women of Distinction

Focus on South Florida: Hispanic Women of Distinction

On Friday, August 17th, 12 South Florida women were honored for their commitment to the community.

My TV 33–09/07/2012

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Abortion & Women’s Rights Take Center Stage In Presidential Election

When Missouri Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin made his comments last week about “legitimate rape,” it vaulted the hot-button issue back into the national debate as both parties vie for the lead coming out of their respective conventions.

CBS Miami–08/27/2012


Something Extra: Women Brainier Than Men?

Who’s Smarter, Men or Women? I’m writing about this topic for the 6 o’clock under a bit of duress. My producer, Bonnie Laden, is a woman, and she just couldn’t be happier about this story. For the first time in history, IQ tests seem to show that women are now smarter than men.



Empty Nest Divorce Rate Rising

There is a growing trend among baby boomers: divorcing after many years of marriage.



Something Extra: What Do Women Want?

Are we seeing a big role reversal when it comes to the traditional roles of men and women in the workforce? Are women now from Mars and men from Venus?


(Source: AP)

Something Extra: Love And Marriage

For better or worse, America is really changing when it comes to marriage.



Sexual Satisfaction Over 40

Forty years of research is turning conventional wisdom on its head when it comes to the issue of women and sex. As Cynthia Demos reports… the experts insist it gets better with age.



Sleep Labs Making House Calls For Apnea Sufferers

Sleep Apnea… it’s typically a problem in men, but is now becoming a more prevalent problem for women. Doctors are learning their symptoms aren’t the same as men. As Cynthia Demos reports… diagnosing the problems no longer requires you going to sleep in a lab. The lab now comes to you.



Miami’s Elite Women Get Together For A Cause

It was an afternoon of wine, women, and shoes at the Coral Gables Country Club Wednesday as 400 influential women showed up to help support the Miami Children’s Hospital.



Something Extra: How Different Are Men And Women?

Forget the studies that claim men and women are more alike than different.