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Supplement Safety For New Year’s Weight Loss Plans

The most popular New Years resolution is to shed pounds. For millions of Americans, that means cutting calories, heading to the gym and a *weight* loss supplement. But with so many on the market, how do you know which one is the right one?



Is The Alkaline Diet The Next Weight Loss Fad?

The Alkaline Diet already has some well known supporters, like actress Demi Moore and Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush.



Is The HCG Diet Too Good To Be True?

Agnes Ogletree is happy her favorite jacket doesn’t fit anymore. She’s lost 28 pounds. The first 20 came off in five weeks thanks to the HCG diet.


Losing weight isn't always about exercising. (Source: CBS4)

Hormone Imbalance May Prevent Weight Loss

Losing weight has become the holy grail in America. From exercising to eating right, many find that the weight just won’t budge. It turns out you might need a doctor instead of more crunches.


free workout

SW Dade Health Center Offering Free Exercise Classes

A South Florida health center is giving people a chance to try different ways to live better and each week they can experience a different kind of class.


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Weight-Loss Plan Pays S. Floridians To Shed Pounds

Many South Floridians lose weight to be healthier and feel better, but when you’re getting cold, hard cash to shed the pounds it can make the deal is even sweeter.



Quick Slim-Down Solutions

Want to get back into your favorite pair of jeans or slinky dress by the weekend? Believe it or not, there are legitimate ways to lose inches off your problem areas quickly without having to starve or work out around the clock.



Virtual Lap-Band Procedure Could Help Some Lose Weight

Gastric band surgery helps people lose weight but it can be a scary surgery. So imagine losing weight without having to go under the knife. Now, there’s a new procedure that uses hypnosis to help people shed the pounds and your mind thinks the surgery is real.


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Is A Pregnancy Hormone Diet Safe?

It seems to always be the number one New Year’s resolution, to lose weight. And this year many men and women are turning to a pregnancy hormone diet that severely restricts calories.



Jumpstart Your Workout Plan

This is the first installment in a series of reports called, “New Year, New You.” The goal of the series is to give CBS4 viewers a chance at shedding some inches, working out, and achieving a good balance for their mind, body, and spirit.