Voter Purge


Fla. Judge Won’t Halt Voter Roll Purge

U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle has denied a request from the federal government to stop Florida from removing non-U.S. citizens from the voter rolls, according to CBS4 news partner the Miami Herald.



Poll: Non-Citizen Voter Purge, Stand Your Ground, Both Popular

Gov. Rick Scott’s effort to remove non-citizens from voter rolls and the state’s “Stand Your Ground” self defense law are both overwhelmingly supported by most Florida voters, a poll released Wednesday shows.


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New Demand From State: We Want Federal Immigration Database

The battle of demands between the state of Florida and the Department of Homeland Security over access to a federal immigration database hit a new level Tuesday, with the state issuing another demand letter.


Governor Rick Scott on June 12, 2012 in Miami.  The Governor is in a legal battle with the U.S. Justice Department over the state's effort to remove non-U.S. citizens from lists of registered voters ahead of this year's presidential election.  (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Lawsuit Calls Fla. Voter Purge Discrimination

The state of Florida is about to get sued again over its controversial push to remove potentially ineligible voters from the rolls.


Senator Chris Smith

Facing South Florida: Voter Purge Pt. 2

Florida’s governor Rick Scott is battling the the US Justice Department over Scott’s efforts to purge the voter rolls.


Jim DeFede

Facing South Florida: Voter Purge

There is a battle between Florida’s governor Rick Scott and the US Justice Department over Scott’s efforts to purge the voter rolls.


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Gov. Rick Scott Denies Ulterior Motives Behind Voter Purge

Florida Governor Rick Scott continued Thursday to push back criticism that he was conducting a voter purge for political purposes.


Governor Rick Scott

Scott Claims He Was Purged From Voter Rolls

Florida Governor Rick Scott said Thursday he knows what it’s like to be purged from voter rolls because it’s happened to him in the past.


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Scott Hits Airwaves To Justify State’s Fight To Purge Rolls

It wouldn’t be a presidential election year without some sort of shenanigans going on in Florida. The latest case is squaring off the Department of Justice against the state of Florida and the state of the Florida against the Department of Homeland Security.


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ACLU-Backed Lawsuit Seeks To Stop Voter Roll Purge

A coalition of citizens and a Hispanic advocacy group, with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, have filed a federal suit to stop Governor Rick Scott’s purging of “non-citizens” from the voter rolls.