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Florida Capitol Complex (Source: dms.myflorida.com)

Senators Raise Objections As Special Session Starts

Senators scolded the Florida Supreme Court for trampling on their First Amendment rights as lawmakers began a special session Monday aimed at redrawing congressional districts the court said were gerrymandered to help the Republican Party.


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Curbelo Defeats Garcia For U.S. House Seat

U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia conceded to Republican challenger Carlos Curbelo Tuesday night.


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Probe Of Ex-Florida Congressman Hinges On Friend

Amid a criminal investigation, the fate of ex-Florida Congressman David Rivera, may rely mostly on a woman who was his close friend.



Senate United, House Divided Over Payroll Tax Cut

While both Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson supported a temporary payroll tax cut extension; Florida’s house delegation rejected the bill along party lines.


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Debt Deal May Be Close At Hand

The U.S. Senate fell short of passing a plan to cap the debt ceiling Sunday, but legislators on Capitol Hill vowed to move forward toward reaching a deal before Tuesday at midnight.