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Reports: Counterfeit Chinese Tires May Be Selling Under US Brand Names

An investigation by Consumer Reports has discovered that a Chinese company may be selling counterfeit tires in the US under a brand name that consumers trust.


Source: CBS4

Prevent Tragedy By Keeping Your Tires On Track

Every day, millions of drivers unknowingly put themselves and others at risk when they get behind the wheel of a car.

CBS Miami–07/22/2013


Diving For Tires Off The South Florida Coast

It started with the best of intentions, take tires filling up landfills and use them to create an artificial reef. After pouring more than a million tires off our coastline the organizers quickly realized they had made a huge environmental mistake.



Broward Thieves Targeting Rims & Tires

If you’ve ever watched a car race, you’ve likely been amazed at how pit crews can change tires in just seconds. Now, there’s a criminal crew in Broward County that’s doing the very same thing and targeting some very pricey items.


Miami-Dade and Broward County rank among the state's healthiest counties, according to a new study. (Source: CBS)

Tips To Make Your Possessions Last Longer

If you want to make food and clothing last as long as you can, there are a few tricks experts say will save you time, and money, throughout the year.


I-Team: Old Tires Have Drivers Riding Dangerously

Shoney Dutton recently lost her sister in a tragic car crash after the tread on one of her van’s tires separated and caused the van to flip and catch fire.

Dutton says “I just hope people will look at their tires because it means everything.”