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Baltimore Ravens (0-1)

Sports Agenda For Wednesday (9/18/13)

The NFL makes an idiotic decision regarding the Super Bowl. The Dolphins offense may be able to take advantage of the Falcons’ defense. The Marlins are on pace to reach near record stink. My Heisman list after the first three weeks. Plus what I would do at the University of Texas, all in the agenda.

CBS Miami–09/18/2013

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Sports Agenda for Tuesday (9/17/13)

The Marlins are a mess, gee I’m shocked. The Dolphins are quickly catching the attention of the national media, but still not getting much respect. The Panthers are back on the ice, yes, as in hockey. The Bucs and Jaguars are flat out awful. All that and a special comment on the DC shooting in the agenda.

CBS Miami–09/17/2013

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Sports Agenda for Tuesday (9/10/13)

Mike Wallace became the center of attention this week, but it’s all good. The Marlins still stink. Monday Night Football was great last night, especially the late game. Plus, why Chip Kelly can run his offense in the NFL. And links and more in the Agenda.

CBS Miami–09/10/2013

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Sports Agenda for Monday (9/9/13)

Heckuva weekend to be a Miami sports fan huh? The Canes knock off a Top 20 team. The Dolphins start the year off with a win. Course the Marlins screw it up and lose, but hey, they’re the Marlins, that’s what they do. Pouncey is done for the season…not that one. Links and more ahead in the Agenda…or “ASK COACH!”

CBS Miami–09/09/2013

Florida Atlantic v Miami

Sports Agenda For Thursday (9/5/13)

And lo, on the fourth day, the angels sounded their trumpets and the sky opened up and a most glorious sight was to unveiled for all the world to see, the NFL regular season was back. Plus, more on UF vs. UM including my pick and all of my other weekend picks

CBS Miami–09/05/2013

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Sports Agenda For Wednesday (9/4/13)

So I keep hearing about this big game on Saturday afternoon between Florida and Miami, but is it that big of a game outside South Florida? Plus, FIU loses it’s top cornerback, ruh-roh. The Dolphins, well, we’ll have to dive in on that. LeBron is making a tv show not called the NBA Finals. And we revisit an epically bad draft pick by the Miami Heat. Oh and I think the Marlins are still playing, but if no one shows up to the game, does it really exist?

CBS Miami–09/04/2013

JACKSONVILLE, FL - AUGUST 09: Jonas Gray #32 of the Miami Dolphins rushes during a preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field on August 9, 2013 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Sports Agenda for Tuesday (9/3/13)

Now that is how you start the college football season. We started Thursday with upsets and ended Monday with a whipping in Pittsburgh. Plus, the Dolphins make roster moves, gee there’s a surprise. The Jets still don’t have a quarterback, another surprise. And how about my week 1 picks for the NFL regular season…maybe.

CBS Miami–09/03/2013

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Sports Agenda For Wednesday 8/28/13

We’re at T-Minus about 32 hours or so and counting until College Football season kicks off. A couple of teaser picks today before my full assortment of picks tomorrow. Plus, the Dolphins get good news. The Marlins still can’t hit. And on this very historic anniversary, a special comment from a U.S. history major.

CBS Miami–08/28/2013

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Sports Agenda for Tuesday (8/27/13)

Today is the first cutdown day for the Dolphins, hopefully they’ll cut the guys before practice today. Johnny Football is in it up to his eyeballs with the NCAA. UM continues to wait…and wait….and wait….and….Plus, Keith Olbermann returns and everything else I can find.

CBS Miami–08/27/2013

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Sports Agenda for Monday (8/26/13)

After seeing the Dolphins in person on Saturday, I’m pretty convinced on how their season may go. Plus, it’s game week for COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!!! Oh, a little note on someone the Marlins thought wasn’t worth investing big money in. And did I mention it’s college football season?!?!?!

CBS Miami–08/26/2013