Third-Degree Felony

Photo Credit: Mary Turner/Getty Images

Tweets About Rape Lead To Teen’s Arrest

Using Twitter got a South Florida teenager in major trouble with Miami Police. In fact, he’s now charged with a third-degree felony and could face up to 5 years in prison or a $10,000 fine.

CBS Miami–05/16/2014

Brandon Williams, 34, was charged with incest.  (Source: Monroe County Sheriff's Office)

MCSO: Keys Man Charged With Incest, Fathered Child With Victim

Authorities in the Keys have charged a man with incest.

CBS Miami–05/05/2014


“Bong Bill” Clears House Panel

The push to outlaw popular marijuana pipes known as “bongs” has cleared another House panel.


Sprice Marijuana Lead

AG Bondi Files Emergency Rule Outlawing 22 Synthetic Drugs

Bath salts, K-2 and Spice. Synthetic drugs have many names, but now they share one thing in common: they are illegal in Florida.


(CBS4) Angelina Montes

Mystery Surrounding Missing 3-Year-Old Solved

A nearly year-long mystery surrounding a three-year-old girl began to be unraveled in a Miami-Dade court Friday morning.