The Children’s Trust

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Focus On South Florida: The Children’s Trust

The mission of “The Children’s Trust” is to improve the lives of children and families in Miami-Dade County. Miami-Dade voters in 2002 recognized the need and approved the dedicated funding source.

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Focus on South Florida: The Children’s Trust

Spring is the perfect time to think about how your kids will spend their summer. And while summer is a great break from school, it shouldn’t be a break from learning. According to the National Summer Learning Association, many students lose up to two months of reading and math skills. We focus on how The Children’s Trust is helping parents find ways to help keep youngsters engaged and learning during the summer and avoid what’s called the summer “brain drain”.

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Focus on South Florida: “The Children’s Trust” Family Expo

Voters paved the way in 2002 for the creation of The Children’s Trust, a commitment to all Miami-Dade children, while recognizing that some are more at risk than others and therefore need more help. On August 24th, The Children’s Trust will hold its annual Family Expo, the largest free event of its kind which typically attracts more than 20-thousand adults & children. We preview that and talk about the work done by The Children’s Trust.

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Top Organizations Giving Back To The Miami Arts

Once a cultural wasteland, Miami has become a mecca for a diverse array of performing arts, most of which are made possible by the efforts of these organizations.


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Focus on South Florida

Local foster children get a real treat, starring in their own photo shoot. A photo shoot designed to help get them a forever family. The Children’s Trust has been placing foster children in Miami for […]

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Advocates Fighting Pre-K Cuts By Legislature

Children’s advocates in Florida are ramping up their calls for cuts to early childhood education and daycare programs to be reversed. The budget approved by the legislature reduces funding to the Voluntary Pre-K and School Readiness programs by nearly $90 million.