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Sunshine State

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Study: Florida 34th Healthiest State

Sunshine State residents are doing anything but take in the sunshine, according to a new health study.



FL Jobless Numbers Fall As Unemployed Drop Out Of Work Force

new job report released Tuesday by the state of Florida show unemployment rates are dropping, but not for reasons you may think.


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State Figures Show Record Visitors To Florida In 2011

If the Sunshine State seemed a little more crowded to you last year, it was.



Polls Close In Most Of The Sunshine State

The polls are closed and tabulations for the Republican presidential primary have begun in most of the Sunshine State.


(Source: CBS) GOP Candidate Montage

RNC Will Award All Delegates To Winner Of FL Presidential Primary

The winner of the Sunshine State’s GOP presidential primary will be the one with all the marbles, so to speak.



Florida Football At Crossroads

The Sunshine State is supposed to be the Mecca of football talent with superstar players coming out of every area and always fielding some of the best teams in the country.


Eric Cantor (R-Va) On Face The Nation

Hurricane Aid Tied To Federal Budget Cuts

South Florida still hasn’t passed the peak of hurricane season, but if a major hurricane does hit the state, aid from the federal government may not come fast.



Florida Black Bear Removed From State’s Protected Wildlife List

The Florida black bear is no longer deemed a endangered species.



Survey: Floridians’ Not So Sunny View Of Life

Many assume that Floridians live the best life. They’re close to the beach, the sun shines a lot, and the weather is generally pleasant. But, a new survey from Gallup-Healthways found that Floridians don’t have a positive view of their life.


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No Flakes (Of Snow) In Florida

As snow continues to wreak havoc across much of the nation, it makes the decision you made to live in the Sunshine State look that much better.