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Best Places In America To Celebrate The 4th Of July

In celebration of Independence Day, several cities across the nation are hosting fun-filled activities by day and then concluding with spectacular pyrotechnic shows that can be viewed from miles away. Here are five of the best places in America to celebrate the Fourth of July


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Make Your Own Patriotic Gear For July 4th

Have some fun with a DIY Fourth of July!



Marlins Offers Free July 4th Tickets To Military Personnel, Fan Giveaways

In honor of Independence Day the Florida Marlins gave away free tickets to military personnel, and fans too will also get perks for the July 4th Marlins game versus the Philadelphia Phillies.


FAST FACTS: Proper Flag Care And Disposal

Display the flag with the blue union field up. Displaying the flag upside-down is a distress signal only. -Do not allow the flag to touch the ground, floor, water, or anything beneath it -Keep your […]