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90-year-old Jay Ambrozia was stuck in his car in his garage for 4 days. (CBS4)

90-Year-Old Fla. Man Trapped In Car For 4 Days, Survives On Snacks

A 90-year-old Florida man survived in his car for four days, eating nothing but snacks after he became trapped in the car while inside his own garage.

CBS Miami–05/08/2013

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Wellness Policy In Effect At Miami-Dade Schools Come Sept.

It’s the last day of school and students are walking out ready to enjoy their summer vacation.


School Junk Food Vending Machine

Study: Junk Food In Schools Isn’t A Problem

Parents and schools have worried in recent years about the inclusion of junk food in schools; but a new study said all of that worry is for nothing.


(Source: CBS4)

Relief Agency Needs Help For Recovering Addicts

Miami’s Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center has a New Year’s special request for its recovering addicts – please help them through the toughest time of the year.


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Feds To Get Tough On Food Labels, Calorie Displays

The government hopes to broaden regulation on calorie displays in an effort to make sure consumers don’t eat unwanted calories.