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Fl. Senate: Puffing At The Courthouse Door Could Be Snuffed

Tired of having to cough your way through a knot of smoking city workers as you try to get through the door of city hall? The Florida Legislature may clear the air for you, moving forward a bill that could eliminate the smokers huddled at the door of government buildings.


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Raise Smoke Tax & Lower Driver Fees, House Dem Says

A South Florida lawmaker wants to increase cigarette taxes by $1 a pack and is offering a political sweetener to try to get it passed: Use the money to roll back fees on motorists.



Fewer Middle School, High School Kids Smoking

Fewer middle school and high school students are smoking cigarettes or using smokeless tobacco, according to 2011 Florida Youth Tobacco Survey.


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Philip Morris, RJR Win Round In Fla. Smoker Suits

A Miami Jury has found for Philip Morris USA and R.J. Reynolds in another of the thousands of lawsuits brought by Florida smokers.


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No More Smoking For Florida Prisoners

In an effort to reduce healthcare costs at state prisons the Florida Department of Corrections is moving to make sure their facilities are smoke-free by September.



Oxygen Patient Burned While Smoking

When a Fort Lauderdale man reached for his morning smoke Monday, it was more than the cigarette that he lit up – it was himself as his oxygen tank ble



FIU Snuffs Out Smoking

FIU began enforcing a campus-wide ban on smoking and the use of tobacco products January 1st. The ban includes the entire campus, indoors and outdoors, and even in cars.