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Shark Jaws

The Business of Sharks

Sharks may be big business at the box office with movies such as “JAWS,” but real sharks are really big business. In fact, the demand for their fins is so lucrative… they are verging on extinction.


Anthony Segrich (Source: CBS4)

Shark Attack Survivor’s Harrowing Tale

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you were attacked by a shark, you’re probably not alone.


Special underwater cameras were needed to shoot the 6-part CBS4 series "Sharks". (CBS4)

Sharks: Danger On Assignment

Coming face to face with a shark that has up to 15 rows of teeth, was just one of the frightening challenges faced by CBS4 news crews as they reported on the world of sharks off Florida’s coastline. Now we have a behind the scenes look at a mission filled with danger.


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Sharks Unearth Clues Into Human Diseases

As a top marine researcher, Dr. Neil Hammerschlag, scours the oceans in search of sharks. She studies the mythical sea creatures to discover how their ailments could be linked to the development of human diseases.


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Sharks: The Fight To Keep Them Alive

More than 100,000 sharks are circling the South Florida coastline as part of an annual migration. The same migration is underway in the Bahamas. But unlike South Florida, CBS4′s David Sutta shows us why the ocean’s top predators there are all protected from fishing.



Sharks: Dangerous, And In Danger

Every year you seem them on the news, thousands of sharks off our coastline swimming just feet from the beach. In 2011 Florida had more shark attacks than any state in the country, or the world for that matter. This is the first of a 6-part series of reports on our sharks. Filmed up and down our coastline over the past three months, we are taking you closer than we have ever been to the ocean’s top predator.


Sharks: Danger or in Danger?

Sharks: Danger or In Danger

Beginning Monday, February 20 and continuing through Sunday, February 26, CBS4 will bring viewers an up-close look at the shark, one of the world’s most fearsome – and least understood – creatures.


Aquatic Adventures Shark Dive Part 1

Talk about extreme diving!!! In this week’s segment I head to the Bahamas to dive with dozens of sharks with no cages and no more than a few inches of water in between me and […]

CBS Miami–07/29/2011

(File image of a shark)

State Proposing Measures To Protect Sharks

In light of Florida’s dwindling shark populations, the state is considering a number measures to safeguard their future.



Thousands Of Migrating Sharks Spotted Off S. Fla. Beaches

South Florida’s ocean water is chilly to most swimmers right now — upper 60s to low 70s — but it’s no problem for sharks swimming north in an annual migration that spooks most people out of the water.