Senate Map

(Source: CBS) Florida Redistricting For Congress, 2012

Fla. Congressional Restricting Map Goes To Court

A circuit judge in Tallahassee will hold a hearing Wednesday on a challenge to the Legislature’s congressional redistricting plan.


Florida Capitol

Redrawn Fla. Senate Map To Be Submitted To High Court

A redrawn Florida Senate re-districting map is being sent to the state’s highest court.


Florida Legislature. (Source: AP)

Fla. Senate Redistricting Map Heads To House

A revised redistricting map created by the Florida Senate during a special session goes to the Florida House on Tuesday.


Florida Legislature. (Source: AP)

Critics Claim State Senate’s New Map Favors Incumbents

Plans to redraw the political boundaries of the state Senate and Florida’s congressional delegations passed the upper chamber by broad margin even as opponents bitterly argued the maps are aimed at protecting political incumbents.