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M-D Commission Sends EKG Resolution To FL Legislature

Teens who want to play sports at their high school may have another test added to their required physical.


Lenore Zimmerman, 85, said she was strip searched at JFK airport.  (Source: CBS4)

TSA Admits To Mistakes After S. Fla. Seniors Allege Abuses

The Transportation Security Administration has issued an apology more than a month after several South Florida elderly women, each dealing with serious medical conditions, were allegedly strip searched at JFK Airport as they were on their way to Fort Lauderdale.


Avoid an invasive pat down by a TSA agent by following a few fashion guidelines when traveling. (credit: John Moore/Getty Images)

Three South Florida Seniors Allege TSA Abuses

Three South Florida women are telling their stories of embarrassment suffered at the hands of Transportation Security Administration screeners.


Lenore Zimmerman, 85, said she was strip searched at JFK airport.  (Source: CBS4)

S. Fla. Grandma Says She Was Strip Searched At JFK

A grandmother who winters in Florida and was heading to Fort Lauderdale said Saturday she was injured and humiliated after a strip search on by agents at JFK Airport.



Mammogram Parties Cure Breast Screening Fears

If you are afraid to get a mammogram, but love to go to a party, then it might be time to have a mammogram party! The idea is to gather your friends and have fun getting the necessary breast cancer screening



Study: Half Of Women Over 40 Get Annual Mammograms

Half of women who are recommended to get an annual mammogram do so, even if they have insurance to pay for the procedure, according to a new study.