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Report: Condoleeza Rice Atop Romney’s VP List

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is scouring the country looking for the perfect vice-presidential running mate. According to the Drudge Report, a familiar name is now on the top of that list.

CBS Miami–07/13/2012

MarcoRubio At Hispanic Leadership Conference

Poll: Rubio Tied For Third In Potential VP Picks

The latest polling from CNN could dramatically alter the vice-presidential search currently being conducted by the Mitt Romney campaign; and it could give credence to why Florida Senator Marco Rubio isn’t considering the vice-presidency at this point.


MarcoRubio At Hispanic Leadership Conference

Publication Of Rubio’s Memoir Pushed Up

As the Republican Party slowly starts to rally around likely-nominee Mitt Romney, attention will quickly turn to who the former Massachusetts governor will pick as his running mate. Chief among the VP candidate will be Florida Senator Marco Rubio who will be making waves ahead of the Republican National Convention.


Senator Marco Rubio

Rubio Says No To V-P Run

The GOP presidential field looks to be set, meaning the focus will now turn to who would make the best running mate, but one South Florida Senator is stopping the speculation before it gets started.